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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Wonderful Vacation Day! 
Marilyn and I had a WONDERFUL vacation day!

I'm going to avoid details -- and a photo share -- for now, as I'm really TIRED at the moment and heading directly to bed. I have a hair appointment in the morning...

But we did get over to Sue and Candy's (and Marilyn gave Candy a check for Thanksgiving dinner so they'll be able to celebrate with no problem). And we did Sue's pills (well, Marilyn did!!!) for the next two weeks.

We also had Starbucks, went to the Charthouse for lunch (I'd never been there before!) and shopped at several stores. Oh, and dropped by the office, too. And Marilyn went to her massage therapy tonight while I cooked a vegetarian casserole, took out the garbage, watered the plants, set a clock I'd never gotten to (way up high), washed the bed linens and changed the beds, clean the cat boxes and fixed a couple behind-times calendars. I think that's it...

I have some great photos to share -- including some of June and Jim's NEW CAT (!!!) Simba that I got to meet last night.

Yes, we stayed meatless today (Sir Paul)!!! The Charthouse is known for fish and seafood, so we both had salads with neither! But a decadent dessert. (grin)

And that's Monday.

Oh. And Sunday we really did nothing. Stayed in our jammies all day long (except for when I dashed over to see June and Jim, meet the cat and find her 'missing' health documents).

We're enjoying our vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweet dreams, dear friends.
November 23, 2017 (Thursday) 02:36 pm (UTC)
Yay for the good vacation!