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2017 Toy Drive

Today was our annual Toy Drive at the office. It's an opportunity to gather toys for children in need, and to get publicity for the festival. Aside from our staff, many volunteers turn out for the event. During the morning News show, we're featured numerous times on cut-ins. It starts very early (5:00) and runs through morning drive-time (9:00).

Marilyn had a VERY BUSY DAY totally aside from this event, with numerous meetings. She doesn't get much chance to be involved directly with the Toy Drive. But I always sing with the choir (Don always seems to put me in the front/center), which I enjoy very much. And I interact with most people there.

Court members appeared with Leslie (our past president who manages the court), the Prime Minister of the Royal Rosarians (Adam) and his wife (Lauren) were there, along with several other Rosarians. Angel (our Clown Prince mascot and Mrs. Santa were there -- Santa couldn't appear as Gary is still laid up from his recent surgery -- but he and Carla were both there. And Carla spoke and told how we need warehouse space to build floats. And many, many toys are dropped off.

Steven made pancakes, and we had cookies and fruit and juice and coffee for participants.

I took a few photos to share...

[click photo to see larger version]

TV crew setting up to shoot

Adam (in the cape) with Royal Rosarians and news anchor

Lauren and me

Me with my buddy Rich

Lots of goodies

Lots of toys!


Fake snow on our rose bushes

Outdoor decos

More toys!

And even more toys!

Adam, Angel and Mrs. Santa

I got to sing several times, and friends contacted me that they'd seen me on TV. Fun.

Many messages were sent out to the public. Leslie, Jeff, Carol, Angel and Carla all spoke. Adam was a very good sport being there and in shots.

We had toy drop-offs all day long.

It was WONDERFUL having Rich back today, running the media event.

Marilyn did her many meetings. I attended the meeting on Sanctioned Events (as did Rich and several others). Marilyn did a great job running that meeting (as always). Jessica had a lot to offer. Even Jeff came. Carol was out of the office for another meeting and couldn't be there. It was quite an intense and involved meeting.

After that Marilyn went to her hairdresser. I met with several people dropping off toys. Then I finally went to get lunch for Marilyn and me. I actually had low blood sugar, even though I'd had two pancakes for breakfast (and coffee from Starbucks).

Many people left later in the day, and Marilyn closed the office early. But as we were getting ready to go on vacation, we were there until seven.

After our lunch and eating other foods, we ended up not having dinner. I had string beans and white rice for lunch, and Marilyn had their fried rice with beef, chicken and shrimp.

Marilyn is now sleeping soundly on the sofa. I'm blogging on my iPad. I had a good nap this evening after being up sick almost all night last night. (That made for a long day, as I was tired in the late afternoon/evening.)

Busy, long day, anyway. Very successful! And now we're on vacation. With tons to do this coming week.

We already have two events tomorrow!!!

I'm very ready for bed tonight! But feeling SO MUCH BETTER than the last several days tonight, thank God. All that pain is over. Maybe I'm finally over the bug!

Sleep well, friends.
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