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Busy Wednesday -- Gastroenteritis?

Marilyn left very early. I didn't wake until 7:30, but then got up and went to turn on the furnace -- it was very cold in the house. I ended up lying on top of Marilyn's made up bed, putting one of those amazing, soft and warm blankets over me. Both cats came to hang out with me.

I listened to the answering machine and got the info for the LifeWatch guy -- called him and resolved the situation with sister Sue. They wouldn't refund the $140, but also won't turn her account over to Collections, so all is well that ends well. It could have cost more and been a bigger mess. I gave Candy the return address for the equipment -- she came home today and sent it back. Marilyn is still angry, as they DID have a record of her conversation with them telling them to cancel the whole thing. Sue apparently talked to them way back in January -- but she can't recall when the package arrived...

Candy said Sue has given her the checkbook, which is good.

As for the rest of my day:

I picked up the kitchen, put away dishes and did another load. I was trying to get out a lightbulb and ended up spending ages cleaning the hall closet. I have another big box of things for the Goodwill. And some rather nice decorative pillows. I also cleaned out more of the downstairs fridge.

Sue called many times. Marilyn considers that a good sign that she's better and more normal -- lonely and bored and wanting company. I tried to be friendly and kind for each call -- even when I had to get up off the floor or climb down from a stool inside the closet. Hahaha.

I also did the garbage around the house and the recycling. A good start for tomorrow.

Finally, I brought out Thanksgiving decorations for the family room and living room and put those out.

Actually, I got a lot done, especially considering I didn't feel all that well. Marilyn thinks I have gastroenteritis. I've been feverish, having bad stomach pains (and other gastro issues -- ugh), been nauseous and had a raging headache. All signs of gastroenteritis. I was blaming my IBS-c -- but she thinks I have a little bug. She reminded me that she felt genuinely SICK yesterday, so...

I barely ate today, and went I got those awful stomach cramps didn't want to eat more...

The weather today was filthy. Terrible rain, wind and very chilly. It looks like we had another branch come down from the tree...

Marilyn had lunch with Marcia and Gail today. And her usual very busy day. She didn't get home until around 7:00.

We went to Rieaid to pick up meds after Marilyn got off work. Then briefly to Freddies to pick up a few things. (Forgot molasses cookies, though. We haven't had them in ages now.) And I got Activia yogurt for my IBS-c...

We just watched "Help!" again tonight. Makes us very cheerful. Marilyn did fall asleep, though. Little wonder.

I hope I get better tomorrow. Friday is the festival Toy Drive -- and it's all hands on deck. Besides, I'd hate to miss it.

Long entry.

That's it for today, I think...

Sweet dreams!
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