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Work and Pills!

Can't BELIEVE I forgot to mention doing my pills!!! That takes me ages, as I'm on so many medications and supplements. Marilyn really wants me to CUT BACK the supplements, so I guess we'll review all of those soon. I'd LOVE to be taking less!!!!!!!!!! Plus I always hate doing the pills because it seems so complicated and time-consuming...

Also, I did some WORK today! I had to phone Jessica P. at the office and make sure she was all set up on her computer at her new work station. Then tonight I had to log in Remotely and set up her phone, which I totally forgot to do last Friday. DONE!!!

Not that big a deal, I guess. But how did I forget the first time around? Hahaha.
Tags: 2017, festival, jessica-p, medications, november-2017, office, phones-at-work, pills, remote, remote-desktop, work

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