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Still Taking it Easy...

Marilyn and I stayed in again all day today. I haven't even stepped on the porch to get our mail. (smile)

It was filthy weather today! Just pouring down rain all day long. We watched TV and mess around on our iPads and that's really about it. I guess we really needed the rest after weeks of very busy days -- including busy weekends.

Candy sent me the information about LifeWatch. It's one of those companies with monitors for seniors. They approached Sue via phone some months back and somehow 'convinced her' (while she was very confused) that she needed to purchase the service. At one point somebody from the company phoned Marilyn who very firmly explained to them that Sue was too confused to be making any decisions like this -- and that there was NO MONEY to pay for the service. But apparently they sent some equipment anyway! This has been boxed up since it arrived. But they badgered Sue until she wrote them a check for TWO MONTHS worth of a service that they haven't been providing at all! And now they're threatening her to either return the equipment or make the other payments. Again, for a service they haven't been providing!!! What a damn scam. I always see red when companies prey on seniors!!! I sent them a message and will see whether they follow up or not. Candy had tried phoning them but couldn't reach anyone. I didn't even bother to try calling. Instead I went directly to the website and used the 'contact' page to leave a message. I was very clear about the situation. In my opinion they should refund her money, but we know they won't. She's not in a position to be paying anyone $140 right now, as they are barely getting by...

As for their taxes, Marilyn says we'll try and help them out. She's very good-hearted this way. But eventually we'll have to stop with all these constant drains. I told Marilyn to start keeping a list of all the so-called 'little' expenses, such as every time we're at the store and end up paying for her prescriptions or other purchases. The furnace was a big expense, and her hair (cut and color) is another bigger (if not really big) expense. There have been several meds lately. And some groceries. I, too, want to help. We feel very bad for both Sue and Candy. But we don't make enough money to provide for them, I'm afraid. And I can only imagine how this must bother Larry (and his family) that we help Sue and Candy and not them... (I know very little about their financial situation as we're not close, but Sue tells me things are frequently bad for them these days. Only one of their two cars is running, for example...)

Marilyn and I re-watched 2007's "Across the Universe," the musical movie that features Beatles songs. We both love musicals so much! (Aside from our love of The Beatles, of course.) It didn't get very good reviews, but we both liked it a lot...

My IBS-c is BAD today and giving me fits. I'm cramping and really suffering. No idea why. It's odd, considering we've been eating more and more healthy food all the time. Hard to understand. We've cut almost all meat our of diets right now. (We eating protein, but from other sources.) We have no cookies, etc. in the house, so we're not eating sweets. Actually, we didn't have that much to eat today -- a good thing, considering! (I did eat peanut butter, though, and sometimes it bothers my digestion. So maybe that's it.)

We sent the leftover Halloween candy to the office without eating any of it. We're really trying to stay away from candy. I certainly don't need the sugar. Speaking of, my blood sugar results have been EXCELLENT recently!

I need to get outside and stick the oil tomorrow and see where we are. It was so cold and rainy today that I just couldn't face it. But tomorrow for sure!

Boring day, I know! Hahaha. We're waiting until next weekend, I guess, for our manicures (which was fine by me!).

I hope everyone is staying dry and warm and happy! Sweet dreams, all.
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