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A Totally Lazy, Really Happy, Day.

Marilyn and I did NOTHING today.

By that I mean, we never got out of our night clothes. We never combed our hair or put on makeup. We didn't work on anything about the festival. We didn't work on anything about the house. We didn't cook (we ate leftovers). We slept late. We watched TV. We played on our iPads a little. We napped.

Our latest discovery? YouTube on the TV!!! That's so much fun! We'd never done it before yesterday.

Today we watched The Beatles cartoons. And then we were watching videos of The Beatles performing. And it was such GREAT fun.

Our obsession with The Beatles makes us both very, very happy right now! Listening to their music gives us great joy. And seeing video of them is a delight. Everybody should have something like this to help them be happy!

Sister Sue called at one point. She was very upset and emotional about a fight she'd had with her daughter Candy. It was about property taxes and how they're going to pay them. It was hard to know what to say... We feel bad for them, of course. But taxes happen every year and have to be paid every year. I guess I don't really get it...

But I still felt bad for her, being so upset. I told her Candy wasn't really blaming her or upset with her, and I hope that's true. Because it's not Sue's fault they have taxes. Everybody does. I hope they figure out how to make it work. So that was the most upsetting moment of our day. I wish Sue had The Beatles to make her happy -- but they're not at all her thing.

Aside from that, it was a lazy, lovely, relaxing day. And we both loved it!

It makes facing the coming week much easier, of course.

As of tomorrow, we are exactly three weeks from my 65th birthday. Hard to believe it's here.

On that note, goodnight and sleep tight!
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