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Wintry Saturday in November...

It's been cold and wet on and off all week and today was more of the same.

Marilyn and I slept in. We were both very tired last night -- so tired we didn't even eat dinner before lying down for our usual evening 'nap' -- which turned in to going to sleep for the night!

We got dressed today and headed to the St. Theresa Christmas bazaar, which has always been a favorite. There seemed to be less stuff this year. We were going to eat there, but they didn't have enough chairs around the tables. Then when we tried to buy coffee, they didn't have any. Clearly a sign it was time to go! Marilyn did get a cute retro lamp for her desk at work, though...

We went to a late brunch (lunch?) at Elmer's. It was noon-ish, so you could call it lunch, I guess. But we ate breakfast food. We were VERY HUNGRY as we hadn't had anything to eat since our lunch yesterday! (We ended up sleeping without having dinner, as I said before.) Anyway, I had a waffle and Marilyn had an omelet. We weren't perfectly satisfied with our food, but the service was excellent, as always.

Then we headed back home, listening to Sirius radio the entire time we were in the car. The Beatles channel has been an important daily part of our lives.

Marilyn suggested we watch a YouTube video of a favorite movie at home, and we both did that until she dozed off. I watched the entire thing, though.

We were trying to watch our usual METV stuff, but were pretty bored by it tonight. So we finally got ready and went shopping at Walmart. We've been needing supplements for some time, so that's what we were after. It cost a fortune as we were out of EVERYTHING! (Well, that's ME, actually...)

We broke down and bought a new blu-ray player. Our old one which was never very good died like a dog recently. I had to pry the thing apart and actually BREAK IT OPEN to get a movie out that was inside it!!! And as it was one of our Beatle movies (which are hard to find!!!), this was a big deal. These are now really cheap to buy, by the way. And TINY in comparison to what they used to be like.

Exciting thing??? I've been looking for a FOOT WARMER for years and found one tonight! My feet get so very cold sometimes. I can't even say how often I've searched for this. So I'm excited we found it at long last.

And that was our Saturday, for the most part.
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