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Trying to Go Back to Normal...

Marilyn went back to WORK today. I didn't get up until she phoned me at 9:30, if you can believe that!!!

Thankfully her cough didn't seem that bad tonight. She's amazing.

As for me, I did get the garbage in the house taken out today. And some stale crackers for the crows.

I spent a lot of time on the phone. With my friend June, sister Sue (several calls), the furnace people and on and on.

I had a long chat with the office for our furnace company. And later with Rich, the repair guy. Sue ended up with the furnace OFF and not knowing what to do! But later in the day Candy texted me and all was well. She and Sue were fighting, though, and Sue was crying. I tried hard to comfort her. It's been hard lately, poor thing.

After a lot of messing about, I finally got videos from our Auction to Marilyn. Airdrop is NOT all that easy to use, regardless of what you may have heard (or read).

While things were going along, I did see two episodes of "Monk" I had never seen before -- and enjoyed both! I really like that show a lot. It speaks to me somehow and is another one of those 'comfort' TV shows that always makes me feel good.

Saturday we leave at noon for Seattle and the event Saturday night. It's a three-hour drive. We're supposed to have TERRIBLE weather all day long! Tons of pouring rain and high winds. Great. We're NOT looking forward to those driving conditions in the least...

The event begins at 5:30 and runs into the night. We'll see how we both feel as to how long we stay. We have a room at the Econo Lodge where we can get ready and sleep afterwards.

We have to be up very early to make it to our FUNERAL on Sunday, back in Portland!!!

Gowns for tomorrow's event. Uniforms for Sunday. That's a bitch-load of clothes to have to drag along. (sigh)

I guess we should head to bed soon.

Marilyn didn't get home until past 8:00 p.m. No surprise after she was out all week. She's always and forever swamped with work. She didn't have a single break all day long and not a bite of food until she got home.

Speaking of food, I weighed today and my weight was DOWN! I think I might have lost five pounds this week, believe it or not. Wow.

My blood sugar was 104 this morning. And after breakfast it was 130. Around 4:30 p.m. I had a low of 79 and was so wimpy and shaking. Awful. I guess I needed lunch. I haven't been eating lunch that much during the week -- and I wasn't hungry, so...

I brought it back with a burrito and a very small cookie -- no candy or huge amounts of sugary food, anyway! (The cookie was a tiny oatmeal cookie with very little sugar.)

So far I haven't used the second insulin Leslie gave me. At first I didn't have syringes -- which I just got today, by the way. Now I haven't been HIGH ENOUGH to use it! That's a good thing.

I hope I have a white blouse for Sunday (for my uniform). I wish I knew what I was wearing. I guess I can repeat the gown from the Rosarian ball and the Auction (the third time is the charm?). Oh well. I might have gotten another dress if we hadn't been sick and unable to get out. Who cares?

At least my manicure is lovely!!! (smile)

Sweet dreams! And good weather to all! And stay healthy, if you can! (I clearly won't be dancing tomorrow night! Hahaha.)
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