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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Wednesday and Thursday - Time Flies When You're Sick... 
charlie sick, sick in bed
Wednesday, October 18:
Home sick. Feeling crummy. I'm dealing with constant pain from my left knee flare-up. Annoying. Aside from feeling lousy... And poor Marilyn has been so sick.

But get this: We DID manage to go out in the evening to the annual Clown Corps Award Dinner. Hard to believe, right? You can force yourself if you try hard enough...

The other 'highlight' of the day? Sister Sue FORGOT the appointment with the furnace guy! She was out at Larry's house. Nobody could get there in time to let him in (and even if we'd felt up to it, we don't have a key to the house!), so I had to cancel.

Then I'm told they don't have another appointment until November 5 at the earliest!

Both Candy and Larry beat me up verbally for not making sure they knew about the appointment. I was trying not to bother either one of them, believe it or not. If Sue had been there, I wouldn't have contacted them at all. But it was my mess...

So when I'm next talking to Deluxe Fuel, they offer to 'fit us in' on Thursday!!! What a break.

Yeah, we watched a bunch of TV, but I'd have to ask Marilyn in order to list things...

Thursday, October 19:
Sue is home, thankfully. But very confused when I talk to her. Not a good sign! But I get her up via the phone for when Rick will appear.

Marilyn talks about going in to the office, but she's still not feeling well enough. So she stays home, thankfully.

I chat with Rick and ask if the furnace CAN BE FIXED without fixing the heat pump outside (which is many thousands of dollars to fix). He says yes, he'll call me. It was under $500, happily, so he fixes it. With the other time he was there it puts us around $700 total. Both Sue and Candy want to pay for it -- but with WHAT MONEY??? So Marilyn pays and it's a done deal. (Well, they're going to bill us here at our house. We're trusted as long-time customers.)

You have to use the 'emergency' setting on the thermostat to get the furnace to work. When Rick leaves the heat is on. Later on Sue is confused by her instructions. So tonight there was no heat. I think I can figure it out if I can get over there. I researched it for a couple of hours tonight. Rick is good at fixing things, but a lousy communicator. And Sue is confused, period. We need things spelled out very clearly and WRITTEN DOWN very clearly -- which is my job!

Marilyn is going to work tomorrow, so we'll go over after work and fix things...

Sue is back to not being able to pick up messages on her home phone, so...

Time for bed. I just did the recycling and composting -- it was raining. Made me think of Dad. (smile)

Sweet dreams. I hope you're all staying healthy. (I hope I feel better tomorrow! Marilyn, too, of course.)
October 20, 2017 (Friday) 11:37 pm (UTC)
Hope you feel better soon!