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Friday and Saturday -- Auction!!!

Friday, October 13:
There are NO WAYS to describe how crazy and busy and exhausting and FUN the day was! It was very much wrapped around preparing for the Auction -- then attending it.

Marilyn went to work in the morning. I stayed home and began applying my GREEN makeup to various parts of my body. Hahaha.

When Marilyn got home mid-day, we headed over to get sister Sue and bring her to the house. She was dressed and ready to go for the event.

I had already put on my outfit and gone next door to show June and Jim how it looked. That was prior to toning down the makeup quite a bit (I was very, very green at that point!) and without my broom -- an important part of the costume.

Sue's outfit was very pretty! She looked really nice. And we added a small witch hat and a small broom.

Marilyn and I spent quite a bit of time preparing for the event. And keeping an eye on Sue. I won't go into the details right now (!!!), but that was far from easy. It worked out just fine, even so. Hahaha.

Once ready, we left for the event, arriving around 5:30 p.m. What an AMAZING night!

Time for a massive PHOTO SHARE!!!

Big group photo by the HOUSE on Nessarose's dead legs (wicked witch of the east)
Sister Sue, me (Elphaba, wicked witch of the west), Adeena (Dorothy), Marilyn (Glinda),
Carla (wife of the mayor), Gary (mayor of munchkins) and Angel

Festival staff photo

Me with Jessica (the scarecrow)

Me with Jessica (different view)

Me, Adeena and Marilyn

Me, Adeena and Marilyn

Me, Adeena and Marilyn

Me pointing at Nessarose dead with Adeena/Dorothy inside the house!

My dear friend Mark with Marilyn

Marilyn and Wanda (tinman)

Marilyn and Adeena

Leslie and Marilyn (both as Glinda)

Leslie, Lauren and Marilyn -- all as Glinda!!!


Jeff with Adam -- as the Wizard behind his curtain!!!

This is the house created as our photo prop this year

Me with Queen Michaela inside the house (fun!!!)

Carla and Gary (as munchkins)

Adeena kissing Marilyn -- sweet!!!

Marilyn and I literally end up so busy visiting with all the attendees that it's difficult to even look at the items for sale! Marilyn bought a couple of things, but I never even saw ONE! I was also baby-sitting sister Sue to make sure she was good all evening...

I bought many drinks for various friends, too. (Marilyn was especially happy I bought Carol a drink, as she never had the chance to do so.)

We were both huge hits in our costumes. I can't remember another time in my life where I've received so many compliments from friends and total strangers! And I was posing for photos all night long. It was really exciting, I have to admit. And Marilyn won the 'battle of the Glindas' hands down. There were many Glindas there, but her outfit was the best! She looked lovely.

Seeing everyone always means so much to me. I talk to tons of people and there are many hugs and kisses! I'm proud of how many people I manage to interact with at this large event.

The video was WONDERFUL! Marilyn should be so proud. And Queen Michaela did a wonderful job with her speech. She is such a sweetheart!

We had several members of the court at our table with us. Mark sat by me and Sue on my other side. And I went around the room and talked to people I hadn't seen in the room below...

Marilyn ended up spending quite a bit of money in support of the festival. Mostly on the Appeal, etc. She got me this stuffed lemur I'd been in love with in the office (she spent quite a bit). But today (Saturday) we took it down to the office to give to Jessica, whom we both dearly love -- and who loved the lemur even more than I did!!! (We decided we wanted to do something special for the three women who worked their tails off for this event...)

We never feel bad about the money we spend at this event, as it supports the organization we love so very much.

After we needed to take sister Sue home to Hayden Island. ODOT was doing CONSTRUCTION work on the bridge, apparently. We sat in standstill traffic for more than TWO HOURS in order to drive her home. Adeena was in it even longer than we were!!!

But we managed to enjoy it, chatting with Sue and singing along with songs on the Beatles channel! How we love that.

Poor Marilyn needed to pee and had figured she'd wait until she got home -- a long wait! (That dress wouldn't have been easy in a public restroom.)

Lots and lots of people ran out of gas and had to pull over! What a mess! I guess Angel lost his headlights driving home. Yikes! I don't know how ODOT can justify it, I really don't.

We were dead tired when we got home. I had to shower and scrub off the green of my costume! I barely remember finally getting to bed...

Saturday, October 14:
We slept in -- surprise! Hahaha.

I was having HORRIBLE leg cramps! I was so dehydrated that I could barely draw blood to test. And I was wearing heels (not that high, happily, but still) last night. And we're on our feet for hours and hours.

We both were just exhausted today.

We went over for me to get my fingernails fixed -- my manicure wasn't done properly and had been peeling off all week long! My woman from last time was there and fixed it right away. I went from black to lavender -- very pretty.

Then we went and got Starbucks and sat and ate egg bites there. We were starving! We took a cup to Sue, but nobody opened the door at her house! (Even though we knew she was home and Candy's car was there.) We finally reached her by phone to tell her to get her drink outside the door!

I had called her just past noon to get her daily report and write it down. And she was very happy about last night.

Then we headed to the festival office and were there for some time...

We had to stop for gas and go shopping before heading home. We got back right around 6:00 -- in time for our METV viewing.

Again we were starved and wanted to eat -- and my blood sugar was under 100. Right now that's low for me, so I was rather shaky...

I did manage to make popcorn tonight, anyway. But I fell asleep during Svengoolie! And woke up during Batman...

And that's my Friday and Saturday! Sweet dreams, all!
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