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Computer Update


My AVG Anti-virus software is currently running maintenance on my computer!

That was one of the softwares I had to install after the crash. But I forgot to set up maintenance for the middle of the night, rather than early morning! (Just one example of all the nonsense I have to go through to get this computer back where it was at the first of last week...)

Setting up Zone Alarm (free version) so it would work with our home network was another delight... (sigh) If you don't have the proper IP info listed, then you end up blocking your own network! Plus all my 'allow' and 'block' settings for every software was gone, so I had to put those in again, too. (Some I won't get in until one of my browsers tries to access the internet...)

Anyway, I've got Paint Shop Pro 7 installed now. (Thankfully!) I'd say I was done with my PSP installs, but I have an absolute slew of plugins to install now...

And both Word and Excel are back on! I had some problems last night getting my computer to read my Word CD, but fortunately I had a backup that worked. Whew! Hard to do my script work without Word! (smile)

Naturally I have my NoteTab Pro installed. (Possibly the best $20 I ever spent in my life, by the way! What an amazing software...) I've yet to install the free version, though. I actually like working with both versions! (grin)

The biggest accomplishment was getting my Netscape running again, seeing as that's my default email here at home! The bad news is that I lost all my emails for 2005 and 2006 (so far), which is a bummer! (All my LJ comments!!! Plus so many work-related emails and so on...) I've let go -- no choice, really -- but it still bugs me. Oh well. Moving on now!

At least I've got my Zuma back! (grin) Believe me when I say I have my priorities straight! Sort of works with one of my favorite sayings: Life is short -- eat dessert first!


Well, there's a bunch more software to load, so I'm back at it!

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