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WTF??? Annoyed Tonight.

It's actually 2:30 a.m. right now. I'm tired. And I'm cranky. This isn't a good time for all this crap I'm dealing with. (sigh)

First, I get a message in email from Byram Healthcare. This is my medical supplies provider. Everything with them is done with INSURANCE and is always 100% covered. I've NEVER had a bill from them, ever. But when I log on to the MyByram online site, guess what? I'm being billed nearly $100 for my current order! Why? Clearly because my damn clinic still has not sent them the prescription that was supposed to happen. Otherwise it's because the new insulin IS NOT COVERED by insurance -- and I can easily go back to not using it, just saying. If insurance isn't covering it, why wasn't I informed? The level of incompetence is staggering, I have to tell you...

Just like this crap with sister Sue and the 'appointment' she never had versus they say she did. Marilyn told me yesterday that they are ridiculously incompetent at the front desk at Dr. Markin's office, too. In my case I think we're not talking the front desk, however. We're talking Leslie's assistant... (sigh)

So when I decide to log in to the clinic website, guess what? I have some bill there that I've NEVER SEEN (it should have been MAILED to me) that's over due. In fact, it's from LAST YEAR (and more than a year old) and still outstanding. There's a re-billing charge on it. Um, seriously? Because I've NEVER BEEN BILLED even once, much less re-billed!!! I am really too tired to even think about this right now.

I just logged in Remotely to my email at work. And guess what? Outlook had a nasty crash. I've been sitting here waiting and it's still not 'fixed' as it should be. If only we had a decent IT Manager at the festival, maybe we could resolve some of this crap! Oh. Wait. That's me we're talking about! (sigh)

Does anybody remember me mentioning Michelle from Comcast? She called when I was gone shopping on October 4. Her phone message did not include her LAST NAME. It did not include a direct phone number to call her -- I tried the number that came in on caller ID -- it's the generic Comcast number. If you don't have a last name you can't try finding her at the company. She said in her message she would FOLLOW UP in an email -- she didn't. That was ONE WEEK ago. Not a word since.

I phoned Kris about this and he said he'd follow up. I haven't heard another word from him.

Speaking of that, both Kris and Donn and supposedly (???) working on the issue of SPAM blocking for our work email for the entire office. I have heard nothing from either of them. We have until December to resolve this (a month and a half, in other words). I am SERIOUSLY CONCERNED about this subject.

My wonderful WavePad Sound Editor Master's Edition wants to be purchased now. I really should buy it. It's normally $99 on sale for $50. I guess the festival should foot that bill. I need to chat with Marilyn about it.

Exciting (good!) news!!! Marilyn did something to our Sirius radio account. Now I can get it on my iPad and iPhone while she's using it in the car!!! All Beatles all the time, in other words. (woo hoo) One of the best things for the entire day.

Filthy weather. I walked to the corner store to get a lottery ticket and it was POURING down rain. I was sure glad to have my new jacket (it's very warm!) and the hat I got some time back when shopping one day with my friend June. It was raining that day, too, and I got the hat to keep dry. I wore that with my hair tucked in my jacket and my hair stayed totally dry!!! How about that???

Marilyn came home again during the day today. I tried to help when possible. But she's EXTREMELY GOOD at this video stuff, I think! Yesterday at one point she was ready to throw in the towel and go back to doing a PowerPoint presentation (as we have in the past). Then suddenly she 'got' it, and she was really cooking.

She had a complete video as of yesterday, but decided to 'tweak' it today. And did some WONDERFUL stuff. I loved the changes/improvements. If she'll stick with using this App (I started to say 'software' -- yes, I'm old), then I think she'll get to be an expert with it. She's already very good. She hadn't touched it in years until now. And in a couple of days she produced a great video. Most people won't know the difference between how it's done this year and in previous years. The other thing? I'll be given the credit by many people there (just as I was last year). This is her baby. But there's really no telling people I didn't do it -- I've tried before. They always think I'm just being modest. Hahaha. I hate take credit for work I didn't do, but it's honestly not worth the trouble to explain. Marilyn always tells me not to bother. But it bugs me. Hahaha.

Yes, I did help (as much as I could). And, yes, we've done this project together for many years now. And I appreciate the team work aspect, because I love teaming with others to do things. It's pretty much what I'm always doing, really.

The successful video was the HIGHLIGHT of today! Marilyn should be very proud with her final product. And I'm sure people will love it. Plus it really can't have the glitches we've experienced in the past with various PowerPoints that we've done. It's hard to explain if you don't do this 'artistic' PowerPoints the way we do. They have lots of photos and elements and some text and music and special, careful timing. And they can simply screw up and not play correctly. And we like the visual to MATCH the audio! So that matters to us. With video we don't have the issues that can happen with PP. That's a very good thing!

Hurray: I talked to Adeena on the phone for ages this afternoon!!! We're both excited about the Auction on Friday.

No. I did not get my hair colored today (sigh).

No. I didn't fix my hat for the Auction for my costume (sigh).

Marilyn ate a frozen burrito for dinner (heated in the microwave). I ate a can of white beans (heated in the microwave). We were both hungry, but too tired to cook or go get takeout.

We were watching The Wizard of Oz (On Demand) when we both fell asleep. Long day, long week, busy summer and autumn and year. We're hanging in there.

You know, Marilyn and I were talking about LAST YEAR around this time. I'd been sick for months. She'd been seriously sick -- sick enough to wonder if she had cancer (and if she'd survive whatever she did have -- and I mean that). We were both losing weight because neither one of us was EATING normally. Thank God that passed.

But this time of year is always hard on us. I have seasonal allergies that are killer. We think she does, too, in a different way. But her IBS-d is always terrible in the Fall. I always get physical flareups, aside from the allergic things. And we're both always fatigued.

Anyway, we're hanging in there. It's going to be fine. It's not last year, at least! Hahaha.

This cold, wet weather is no help, though...

Time for bed (past time). Tomorrow will be busy again. (I'm sitting here making that allergy noise: where you use your tongue to try and 'scratch' the roof of your mouth very fast. Yuck. I guess I need a pill. Imagine how bad I'd be without the steroid shots!!!)

My hips are better, thank God. My right ankle today? Not so much. (ouch)

Cheese with the whine, Charlie? Hahaha.

Sweet dreams, all. Stay healthy and happy!

Oh! One final note: Sister Sue is dreaming! She uses her oxygen and then has actual dreams when she sleeps!!! REM sleep, people! (woo hoo) If only she'd use it more often...
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