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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Auction Video - Busy Day 
Tired tonight. We're trying to get as much rest as we can when there's time. The Auction is exhausting...

I started my day talking to Dr. Markin's office -- very annoying. I'm saying to the assistant Marilyn wouldn't set an appointment this week (we've known the date of our auction for months) -- she's saying it was set recently. I'm saying I talked to others in the office SEVERAL TIMES last week -- and wondering why I never heard there was this appointment. And on and on. Annoying. And I wouldn't allow them to phone sister Sue and upset her (like they did yesterday). Anyway...

Then I phoned her myself and we talked at length. Her weight was good. She used her oxygen on Sunday had had dreams when she slept. That means she had REM sleep.

I'm still trying to get her transportation to her labs this week -- but that's not easy. I sent a text this morning to Larry (her son) and didn't hear back until tonight at some point... Marilyn and I will just wait and take her next week. (When the Auction is over.)

I don't understand ignoring people when they try to reach you. I know we all get busy, but still... Oh well.

Marilyn came home from the office so we could work together on the Auction video. I did as much as I could to assist her, but she really did this project. A great job! She got it finished within several hours.

Then we headed to the office. She showed it to everyone and people were pleased.

It was a cold day, like winter, we both thought. Rainy and chilly. We were pleased to finally head for home. We went to Riteaid on the way home and picked up our prescriptions (and I got hair color).

We picked up food from Bong Teriyaki, which is just up the street from our house. Then went home to eat.

After dinner we both were tired and went to sleep. Marilyn has an early meeting tomorrow.

I want to contact Adeena about her costume for the Auction tomorrow. We want her to consider a certain outfit (and help her get it). I hope she's free to talk tomorrow.

Well, off to bed! Sweet dreams to all!
October 12, 2017 (Thursday) 01:28 am (UTC)
Sorry for the frustration in transportation. I hope it all works out!
And, I hope you get some rest!