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Happy Birthday, John -- Another Busy Day

Happy Birthday to John Lennon! (He would have been 77 today, had he not been murdered at age 40. So wrong.) Such a great talent.

Marilyn and I went in to the office this morning. Yes, it's a Marilyn Monday, but this IS the Auction week, and we had work to do!

I went to Starbucks with some of the girls while Marilyn stayed behind working.

One of my main tasks was setting up Dropbox on Marilyn's iPad, and on my work computer. Then transferring all the Appeal photos so we can start our usual project for the Auction Appeal (which Marilyn and I do every year). I've been working on resizing photos for that project, as I mentioned before.

Marilyn was working on the Auction cards while I did that...

In the afternoon we finally finished up and headed out to Auction costume shop! Marilyn wants to do Glinda the Good Witch. We managed to find her an amazing dress (!!!) with a big cancan to go under and make it even more full. Wonderful! I'll be the wicked witch. I'm still putting together that costume... but we got a couple of possible hats, and green face makeup to go with my black nails. Hahaha. We hunted for a crown for Marilyn, bought her a wand and came home and ordered a coronw online to be delivered Thursday...

Aftter that we headed for food, after not eating all day -- again (just like yesterday!!!). My blood sugar was at 100 when we were at Elmer's. We both wanted waffles. And Marilyn had mention chicken fried steak yesterday -- which they feature! -- so we also had that. A big meal, admittedly, but we were starved! We only ate once yesterday, and it was four before we ate the Elmer's meal...

I didn't mention Fitbit yesterday. I haven't been able to walk well for ages, because of my hips, but things are finally turning around! I didn't make my 4,000 steps yesterday (only 3,624), but I have more than 6,000 steps today! How about that?

I had totally forgotten to phone sister Sue until evening, we were so busy. Somebody called her from Dr. Markin's office (!!!) and made an early morning appointment with HER for TOMORROW morning!!! WTF????? I'm really, REALLY angry about this. How many times do I need to tell them to set things up with me, and not Sue? How in hell is somebody who relies on others to take her places supposed to know if there's anybody available to drive her?

I've already been working out getting her to her labs this week. And now this! The appointment is set for tomorrow (really?) at 7:40 a.m. I don't think so!

I'll call them in the morning to work through it, and try not to rake them over the coals... (sigh)

Little wonder Sue was upset when I did call. Though why she couldn't have called me is a bit beyond me... (sigh)

I kept falling asleep sitting up while we were watching TV. We had the special on about the homeless here in Portland that was very compelling, but I missed the end. Then drifted off several times during Dancing With The Stars. So Marilyn and I both went for naps. We're tired every minute right now. It will be better after Friday!

I've been reading the Kindle book "Celilo's Shadow" for a couple of days. It's fascinating. And as someone who is part American Indian, I really relate to that part of the novel...

It's awful hearing about the wildfires in California. And the hurricane damage. 2017 has been a hard year...

Well, off to bed soon! It's been a long day!

Sweet dreams, all.
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