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Manicures and Pedicures - New Jackets

Quick entry -- it's around 1:00 and we're heading to bed. We have a BIG WEEK (very busy) in front of us -- especially because of the Auction next Friday.

Marilyn and I FINALLY forced ourselves to go and get our manicures and pedicures today. Actually, they always want to do pedicures first, so that's what happened. We're now always doing shellac, because it's dry immediately, and lasts much longer. (Even though it's more expensive.

We both did glitter colors on our toes this time around -- very pretty.

I did black for my manicure. It was painful as hell, but turned out nice.

We're good to go for Friday night.

Then we went to the Woodburn Outlet Mall (in Woodburn, Oregon). It's a drive, but worth it. Marilyn wanted to get me a new leather jacket at Wilsons Leather. I was having a hard time at first finding something that fit right, but I had picked up two jackets (one very much on sale). Heading toward the front of the store, I found a Calvin Klein that was beautiful and a perfect fit (and priced better, too). So I got that instead of my original choice. I wore it out of the store.

Walking around we were both starving, as we hadn't eaten all day. We decided to get a bite at home. (I did my blood sugar in the car and it was 98 -- the lowest I've been in weeks and weeks!)

We stopped for Starbucks on Lombard coming home. They totally screwed up our order. Mine was done, but had coconut milk -- nasty! And they totally FORGOT Marilyn's order! What gives? We felt annoyed. We go there often, but they're not friendly with us. But they were quite friendly with other customers. I wonder if it's age-related?

Our Starbucks by the office is always so nice! I love those people. Oh well. You seem more likely to get bad customer service than good anymore...

The second jacket Marilyn got me was my 'John Lennon' jacket in celebration of his bday tomorrow. (smile) We love The Beatles, and especially love John.

Well, I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff, but that's good enough. Sweetest dreams, everyone!
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