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Rose Plantings and New Fountain in Scappoose, Oregon

Marilyn and I started our day by heading out to Rose Plantings, an annual thing. The VIPs each get a rose planted at their house, where they host everyone in attendance. The first one would be 'brunch' type food and beverages, the second would be lunch and the third is dessert. Usually it's the Rose Society President, the Prime Minister and the festival President -- but this is Brett's second year, so he already had a rose last year (and wasn't ready to host again so soon!).

However, today Charold hosted as Rose Society President -- and she held that same title 20 years ago!!! And her husband, Rich, has held it twice, too. So this is rose number four!!! They have an amazing and HUGE rose garden at their house and a special spot for these roses...

I took presents for both Charold and Lauren (Adam's wife). I had a rose pin for Charold and a vintage souvenir Portland, Oregon pin for Lauren.

The weather held off wonderfully for Charold's planting. And they had AMAZING FOOD, really good champagne for mimosas (plus other beverages for non-drinkers) and dessert, too. Both Marilyn and I ate (often Marilyn does not). Then it was off to Oregon City -- a long, long drive!

We had to stop for gas on the way there. And I guess everybody was having a time finding the place. Plus it was raining part of the trip.

We finally got a place to park and went in where they had lovely desserts set out. They decided to do the planting right away, trying to avoid the rain. But it did rain a bit and some of us got wet. After we had coffee and goodies -- what an array they had!

After it was all done, Marilyn and I headed back home, getting here around 3:00. Next we packed up things for sister Sue and headed to her house...

It was time for Marilyn to check Sue's pills and set them up for another two weeks. She had somehow NOT taken her pills for four days in a row last week (the first week)!!! She swore she had (over and over and over), but the pills were still there! Which explains why her weight has been up.

Marilyn talked and talked to her and set up pills again (except for the pills that needed to be refilled). She spoke very strongly to Sue about taking her medicine.

I gave her two pair of jeans I had for her. And a calendar to try and help her keep track of things. And some more green tomatoes.

Then we gave her the gift of a hand held video poker game and a hand held slots game. Hopefully she'll be able to figure them out and play them. We know she gets really bored being alone all the time. (Which is why I call her so frequently every day.)

We were leaving and Marilyn felt bad for being 'mean' to Sue -- so we went and got her Starbucks. I ran it in and said Marilyn wanted her to know she felt bad for being mean and that she loved her and was just trying to keep her alive. She left us a nice message on our machine at home thanking us.

We were sitting resting and just watching TV. Then Marilyn remembered that they were dedicating the new Michael Curry Fountain in Heritage Park in Scappoose, Oregon tonight! It had started at six and it was nearly 7:00 -- but was running until 8:00. So we put on clothes again and drove there in time not to miss this event.

The fountain is truly AMAZING. They've been working on it for years. It is like a metal tree and sprays misty water and is lit up and has colors that change, plus wonderful music that was done by Michael's son. Marilyn went over to say hello, as she's worked with Michael before for the festival -- then he said he'd been expecting her (!!!) and told us all about it. (One of the Prime Ministers today told her about and was attending and I guess must have told Michael we were coming, too!)

It was wonderful and we made small video and also took photos (I need to share later). And I went and stood under it and got wet, even though it was chilly. I didn't get soaked the way many children -- and some adults -- did, but I got a little wet. It was compelling, standing in the fountain!

We have a fountain right by the Rose Building (where we work downtown), and people are constantly there and constantly getting right in the fountain. So we assume this will be the same...

After that we drove home listening to the Sirius Radio special two-hour birthday show for John Lennon (Monday is his birthday). We are HUGE Beatle and John Lennon fans, in case I haven't said that before...

We kept driving around to hear the entire show (we missed some while at the fountain). Then we came home and watched the end of Svengoolie and Batman (which we rarely ever miss).

Now we're going to head to bed, as tomorrow should be another busy day...

Sweet dreams!
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