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Very Busy Friday...

First thing today I sent a text message to Larry (Sue's son, my nephew) and Nicole (Sue's granddaughter, my grand niece) and asked each of them to phone me here at the house when they got off work.

I did a LOT of stuff on the phone again today. I lost track how many times I talked to sister Sue, for example. And the office. And Marilyn.

I was up early again and working on some of the same projects as yesterday. I'm trying hard to understand about making videos via Apps. I wish I was much better at it. But I'm improving as I go...

It was pretty out, but decidedly an Autumn day. And it's supposed to RAIN tomorrow (sigh) during the OUTDOOR Rose Plantings that we're attending.

And I never did get a white top ready! I thought about it more than once, too. It's a uniform event for us.

I confirmed who wanted what DINNER for the Auction. (Mostly chicken, but Marilyn decided to get the pork.) Sue is very excited about attending.

I put a load of dishes to wash from dinner last night.

I confirmed with Sue's clinic WHEN they wanted her for labs next week. (Thursday, ideally. But Wednesday or Friday will work. And no set time during those days.) My goal was to get either Larry or Nicole to take her. Marilyn had said we could do it on Monday, but that's too soon.

Late in the day I finally talked to Larry at length. Partly about whether or not Sue should live with him and his family.

Even later I talked to Nicole about being a backup if Larry can't take Sue. And caught up with her, as I rarely chat with her. I sent her a cute photo of Colin in his new box while we were talking.

I also got to speak briefly to our dear friend Shari -- even though that call was interrupted. So many of my calls WERE interrupted today!

My present for Sue arrived at the office today -- we're going to try and give these things to her tomorrow, along with a couple of pair of jeans I have for her.

Her weight was actually DOWN for the first time today! That's exactly what that new med should do.

Marilyn had a three-hour meeting with Molly (Wanda's mom). She said Molly is an AMAZING woman with amazing skills. And that we should try to become friends with her, as she thinks we'd really enjoy that.

What am I forgetting???

We ate leftover chili with taco shells I heated in the oven for dinner, topped by grated cheese and fresh red tomato. Very yummy!

I just woke from a nap. Both Marilyn and I were exhausted by 10:00 when dinner was over. Yeah, she got home right around 9:00 again.

Something CRAZY was going on with Marilyn's Instagram accounts today. They were LOGGING HER OUT and not letting her post. Ridiculous. But we resolved it when she got home. Hopefully it's all fine now. We'd hate to see her lose her primary accounts (or ANY OF THEM, for that matter!). It's so silly how it all works. She'll have issues posting no matter what she's saying. I just don't get that at all.

Well, back to bed. It's now 3:30 and we have a big day tomorrow.

We had thought about having Sue over to the house in the evening -- but Larry wants to take her home to his house tomorrow. I just want him to wait until after we've seen her. And we need to do our Rose Plantings before we can even think about that.

I wonder if the guy on Jeopardy won again today? I was going to try and watch, but got so busy!

I resized around 70-some photos Remotely today for the Auction project. I've never done it that way before! It takes some serious time, I'm telling you. Right now I only have 2 more photos to go -- but I know Marilyn will come up with more. Oh! Plus the 15 photos of each girl on the court. I forgot about those!!! I just checked. I did exactly 73 items... My system was to open one photo. Carefully resize. Save it to a folder that indicated it was resized. Then move the original into a done folder so we could still have it full size but not mix it up with other images not yet touched. And over and over and so on.

I also did more work on my work email, which quickly gets out of hand. I'm happy to be down to under 500 items, which isn't that great. But it beats more than a thousand! Hahaha. And lots of people in our office will end up with tens of thousands. Ridiculous...

I am supposed to be doing more on the SPAM blocker thing, but I've been too busy. Soon, hopefully!

Marilyn and I MUST order costumes for the Auction IMMEDIATELY.

We need to get gas for the car first thing tomorrow. I couldn't convince her to go tonight. She was too tired and hungry when she got home. Little wonder.

And that's my day.

Happy dreams, all!
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