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Another Busy Day -- Tired Tonight

I was up around 7:00-ish this morning. Marilyn woke me as she was leaving the house for her 7:30 a.m. meeting! She had meetings all morning long, actually -- one ran FOUR HOURS straight!!! I honestly don't know how she does it.

My niece Candy had a long day today, too -- ten hours long. She didn't quite understand my impatience about that. Look, ten hours is a NORMAL DAY for us, not a long one. And we do 12 to 14 hours frequently, plus we work without a single break and we work six days out of the week. So...

Today it was about contacting Dr. Markin, sister Sue's pulmonary doctor. Because Sue's weight has been up all week long and it was more than 10 pounds up as of today in a week period. I found the number (which is now on my iPhone and iPad -- including a photo of Dr. Markin), then phoned and left a message for her assistant. It was one of many, many calls for me today.

I called Byram Healthcare to discuss the situation with my order of supplies. Now that Leslie gave me a second insulin (short/fast acting -- my other one goes all day long), I asked the pharmacist yesterday how to take it. I'm supposed to TEST my blood before every meal, than use this new insulin on a sliding scale. How high determines how many units. BUT HERE'S THE ISSUE: I can't test more than twice a day currently, because I only get test strips for twice a day.

Plus right now I can't use the new insulin AT ALL. I don't have syringes to inject it. I only get 30 syringes a month and use that for my once-a-day insulin. In order to inject three more times a day, I'd need more test strips and more syringes. (You guys can do the math, I'm sure. I explained it OVER AND OVER many times today to many people.) Byram needs a new prescription, so I called my clinic and explained it there to the front desk. That call was cute, because Henry started to howl and she and I discussed our cats... (grin)

Later Latoya (Leslie's assistant) phoned back and we went over and over my new needs. She doesn't just get a form that reads 'number of syringes' -- because that would make too much sense. Hahaha. She has to base the number of syringes on HOW OFTEN I TEST. I was also supposed to get some 'spare' syringes each month, because I've been getting duds that I can't use! Anyway, we did the numbers. Now Latoya has to see if my insurance will actually COVER the supplies or not.

For sure you can bet on one thing: I can't afford the supplies on my own! One box of test strips is $70 and a box of syringes is $50+ -- and you can't get blood from a turnip. Hahaha.

Speaking of getting blood, I inject this morning as usual and it hurt (as it often does). I figure that's because the syringes are cheaply made, long and not that thin. I'm comparing them to when I had the pen with small, very thin needles. You should see the HUGE BRUISE on my stomach tonight! I showed it to Marilyn and I thought she'd die.

Other phone calls? Hearing back about Sue over and over again. She's getting another med (a second one) for water. Plus I got a bunch of instructions. She did, too, but they want to be sure Marilyn and I know exactly what's going on.

My goal is to speak to Sue several times (at least three) every day. I lost track today of frequently we spoke...

I also talked to the office several times. And Marilyn, of course (once her morning ended and she was back in the office, that is!). And I chatted with my friend June several times, too.

I called June about her dental work from yesterday. It only took minutes. She's still terribly infected (!!!) and has had bone loss!!! She's on two new meds for her COPD that make her very sick with side effects. One I think she needs to try, but the other she might need to avoid. Marilyn suggested she stop the one, as well. June had already stopped both, but went back to the one I suggested she try. We'll see what happens. Marilyn feels strongly we all have to watch our own health, do our own research and decide for ourselves. I checked on those meds carefully for June and discussed reasons why to take or not take them...

June has been feeling so poorly she's been sleeping the clock around again recently. As Marilyn says, if the meds make you feel so lousy you can't get up and function -- and can't get any exercise -- how will you ever actually improve???

I also talked to our friend Mark who is paying his own way to the Auction and sitting right beside me.

And I texted with our friend Adeena -- Marilyn is paying for her to go and she'll be with us, too.

Marilyn is also paying for sister Sue's ticket. Sue really, really wants to go again this year. That's a total of four tickets (me, Sue, Adeena and her own), for a total of $500.

I needed to get dinner orders for everybody. I don't remember confirming Sue's!!! Yikes! The choices are pork, chicken and veggie (sweet potato).

I chatted with BOTH Kate and Carol about Auction. Carol seemed in a very good mood. That's hard, because she's working even longer hours than Marilyn and under a lot of stress (just like Marilyn). She started reading off all the people who want to be at 'our' table (with Marilyn and me) -- and it's WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE! You can only get 10 at a table. So we'll have to have two tables side-by-side. (There are actually people who only come with the understanding that they will sit with us, if you can believe that.) I figure it's mostly about Marilyn. But last year she was at another table (with Adeena), and Sue and I were holding down the fort with our normal table. Plus I got complaints after the fact from some people who were upset they weren't near us... (sigh)

I guess it's GOOD to be that popular. Hahaha. But it does have some inherent issues. The physical laws are what they are.

Speaking of influence, Marilyn was at that meeting with a bunch of VERY INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE in this area. As I feel it's proper for her to be. Tomorrow she meeting with Wanda's mother (Molly) for an informational interview (and advice) about her job. I guess Jeff was very surprised when he realized Marilyn was doing that. Hasn't he ever done one??? Marilyn has done them FOR YEARS. And even I have done them. Jeff told her it was 'nice of her' -- and Marilyn said it wasn't nice, it was just something she believed in and did. And that, my friends, is part of the reason why she won an award about mentoring other women and helping to break the glass ceiling.

Of course, it's not always just about women! Some of my own situations were with young men in the IT field...

I cleaned out a couple more drawers at home and got rid of a bunch of 'old' flatware. It's actually perfectly good flatware that I'm going to take in to use in the office! Wow, is that drawer NICE now!!! I rearranged further in the fridge, too. Also nice.

I'm keeping up my goal of working in house cleaning and organizing between work-related projects. Not easy, but what the hell!

Say! It was COLD in the house again today! I had to turn up the furnace, but also put on my tights that I wear in chilly weather. I need to keep my joints (especially my hips and knees) warm, to avoid flareups. I was wrapped in blankets until past 11:00 when it FINALLY warmed up, thank God.

I did some tutorials on the Apps I'm learning to work with today. I'm still trying to wrap my head around those...

Marilyn is gathering photos for us to use. Then I've offered to help her resize all of them (which takes ages).

I had been chatting with June about Jeopardy which I didn't have time to watch today. I was going to phone Sue to call June and talk about it, as she, too, has been watching the show all week. There's an amazing guy on right now. I ended up getting Candy who went off. She's very unhappy with Sue. I guess Sue's eating (and drinking) way too much. The amount of food may be part of her weight gain. And by drinking, I mean taking in too many liquids of and/all kinds. When her weight is this high it means water weight gain, which she must avoid. Even water can be bad then...

And there was some stuff about who is doing what with Sue. Marilyn and I have been taking her constantly to get labs. They want MORE next week (!!!). As I don't drive (and wouldn't have a car if I did), there's no way I could go today to get her new prescription. With Marilyn not getting off until 9:00 or later, she's always too late. (The pharmacy closes at 9:00. Plus it's no easy thing getting to Hayden Island for the traffic each night!) Candy had to go and was unhappy about it.

June asked why her granddaughter can't go -- and I happen to think that's a reasonable question! All during grade school and high school Sue took Nicole back and forth to class. And to the mall. And to her friends' houses. I don't think it would hurt her to do this once a month, at least... (sigh)

I fried green and red tomatoes for dinner -- very yummy.

Well, I'm dead beat and tomorrow is another busy day. So off I go. I did get the recycling outside (it's garbage night -- not the real deal). And composting out, too.

We have Rose Plantings on Saturday and it's supposed to RAIN. These are outdoor events and we have to wear our uniforms (no coats) in the damn rain. It runs from early in the day until afternoon...

Then I figure we'll go to the office to work on the Auction (which is where others will already be, of course). So much to do all the time.

I'm forgetting things. Busy days are like that -- I can't even keep track of all I do. Oh well.

Sweet dreams!
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