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Shopping and Video...

I started my day exactly as planned. My dear neighbor Jim took me shopping to Fred Meyer. They just did a remodel (again) -- it's only been a little over two years since they did the last one. Such a pain trying to find things...

Jim didn't need to buy a thing, so he just hung around the store while I quickly found all the items on my list. Yes, I forgot stuff. But only because it wasn't on my list!

Then we went over to Riteaid and I picked up prescriptions. I need to phone Byram Healthcare, as I don't begin to have enough syringes for the NEW insulin I started (well, I've yet to use it -- I'm finding it confusing just now).

It took just under 90 minutes for the entire trip, so we were back in plenty of time.

Then when I was unpacking and putting things away (a lot of it very heavy), I decided to take a short break and phone Sue. I was on with her when we two heard a HUGE BOOM! I thought something had struck the roof of the house, like a big branch from our tree or something. But Sue swore she'd heard it, too.

I went outside and my neighbor Doug from across the street was outside, because HE had heard it, too. I called June and they had both heard it!

I went on Twitter, checked the noon news on TV and asked around, but never discovered what it was...

I spent hours today on both working with VIDEO and working with the AUDIO (music) for our Auction presentation.

Marilyn had sent me to a Yahoo video with the song. I used to have the most AMAZING (paid) computer software for recording things directly on my computer. Whatever sound you could play on a computer could be recorded for use, in other words. It was very cool. But that was years back and I lost it when changing computers over time. Basically I just can't remember the name of the software, or I might be able to locate it again! (sigh) I even went through physical file folders in my file cabinet looking for the receipt. We used to get real CDs with software, way back when. But no go.

I tried one download but it wasn't working at all for me. So eventually I located WavePad (open source -- no cost) and downloaded and installed it. Once I figured out how to use it (very simple), I was in business. Then I needed to save it as an MP3 so it could be used on an iPad. Also easy.

I also saved it as a .wav. But it's too huge to email...

I was messing around with a Corel App Marilyn got years back to create video on the iPad. It's discontinued now, but still works. I just need to really play around with it to totally understand it.

Other things I did today:
I cleaned out a drawer in the kitchen that always drives me nuts. I put in a couple new dividers, which might keep me from going right back where I always end up. We'll see! And I cleaned out the bottom of the fridge in the laundry room and added a tray. The bottom isn't FLAT, so storing bottles of Gatorade is a pain. They always end up falling over! With the tray there, suddenly things stand up great! How nice.

I should do more of this sort of thing, I guess. Hahaha.

Marilyn was home maybe half an hour earlier than yesterday (around 8:30-ish, anyway). I don't know how she does it. We watched "The Middle" on our DVR -- this is the last season of that show.

Missed talking to Michelle from Comcast who phoned while I was out (it figures). She did NOT leave a phone number, her LAST NAME -- or follow up with an email as her message promised. (sigh)

I called Kris and asked for his help. He called hours later and we talked for more than an hour...

I can't think what I'm forgetting as I'm too tired. I'm heading early to bed.

Good night!
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