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Busy Tuesday (Forgot Monday!)

Monday, October 2:
Quiet day. Marilyn and I were supposed to get our manicures. But I didn't feel at all well. And Marilyn really didn't feel like going out -- so we stayed in all day long...

I got a lot of things done today, actually!

I have to take it EASY (still), but I went slow on everything I did and spent a lot of time sitting and/or lying around in between chores.

I got all the garbage out. I loaded and did dishes. I took out a bunch of recycling. I cleaned out the cat boxes.

I wanted to do laundry, but didn't quite get to that...

I started the whole Medicare process, which is apparently complicated. I'm currently 64 -- I'll be 65 in December. The Oregon Health Plan seems unable to help me (at least the support line could not). That took some hours out of my day. You sit and sit on the phone. I left a message with another government department that might be able to help -- I heard nothing back. That's not at all surprising.

More about that soon.

I was also testing some video Apps. In place of a PowerPoint for the Auction this year, we're going to try making a video. We'll see how that goes!

I tried two Apps that didn't show me much. But I'm now working with one that seems promising...

Marilyn didn't get home from work until 9:00 p.m. tonight!!! She told me she has to work late EVERY DAY THIS WEEK.

I need to pick up my prescriptions (my old insulin and new insulin plus a bunch of pills and a cream). And I really need some groceries!!! (We're out of ESSENTIALS like toilet paper, Kleenex, paper towels, bottled water -- big and small -- my contact lens solution, coffee, crackers, bread and so on...)

Anyway! I phoned my neighbor Jim and asked (BEGGED!!!) him to take me to the two stores in the morning. He needs to take June to her dental appointment -- so hopefully I won't interfere with that!!! I'll just shop as quickly as I can. He said he'd take me at 9:00 a.m.

Around 10:00 -- after having her FIRST meal of the day (and working until 8:30 with no break all day) -- Marilyn suggested she take me shopping. I told her no. I could tell she was tired. She still needs to shower and do her hair tonight...

It sucks to have to ask others to do things like this. I hate to ask. I don't ever want to bother others!!! But I'm pretty stuck unless I want to bother poor Marilyn.

Sister Sue and I chatted about it several times today. She feels EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. Now that she can't drive, she needs to rely on others -- who often don't want to help or don't have time to help. She was saying again (she says it often!) that she wished she had her car back and could drive again -- just for the two of us to be able to get groceries.

Seriously, you can do without many things. Toilet paper is NOT one of these things!!! (smile)

I did cook dinner tonight, too. Roast beef hash and sauteed green beans. Yummy! We ate every bite. And had a pot of coffee with it. We consider it a perfect Autumn meal.

I need a nap -- then I need a shower, too. (And to wash my hair and do it.)

I can't think if I'm forgetting anything else.

Oh, wait!!!!!! I heard from the guy doing the on-site check for Comcast for the office. That conversation took around 45 minutes. He'll get back to me tomorrow about the results. Hopefully they'll be able to proceed. It would be a wonderful change for us!

Sweet dreams!
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