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#kickash -- Pray for Las Vegas -- Still in Pain

Just a QUICK entry.

Marilyn and I drove up the Columbia River Gorge for the first time since all the terrible wildfires and fire damage. Many places are CLOSED (!!!) still, including Multnomah Falls -- which has never been closed in our lifetime that either of us recall. We stopped at Starvation Creek which was open -- it has one of our favorite trails to hike. But the trail was CLOSED!!! So sad.

We went to Cascade Locks and had lunch at a new place. It's the Columbia Gorge Sternwheeler. Marilyn's goal was to #kickash -- which lots of people were doing. Spending MONEY in the Gorge in support of businesses and residents. Being closed down is going to mean a hard winter for all of them!

We went up to Hood River and stopped at Starbucks, too.

The drive home was HARD. Terrible TRAFFIC (!!!) and bad weather conditions. It's not very safe driving when there's rain and wind, and that's what we hit on the return drive.

We came home, stopping briefly at Walgreens to grab a few things.

I was worn out and had a long nap. Marilyn did not. She's probably exhausted!!! She had wanted to go to work today, but it never seems like we find enough time to do everything. (Yes, I'm still in pain. It can take up to a week for things to calm down. Right now I'm in more pain than before, but it will pass...)

Then we were still up when Jeff contacted us around midnight about the shooting in Las Vegas!!! We both love Vegas and have been many times. As a friend mentioned, people go to Vegas for many reasons, such as relaxation and vacationing and to attend conventions and concerts (we've been there for all those reasons). It's a great town for meetings. And there are lots of people living and working there, too. It's awful to see it attacked this way!

The last 'count' we had heard was 20 dead (!!!) and 100 injured. That's a lot of deaths!!! The violence needs to STOP!

How in HELL did the shooter get the weapons up there? We've stayed a Mandalay Bay which is such a lovely place. This just makes me sick.

On that note, STAY SAFE friends! And in spite of everything, have good dreams.
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