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Saturday: Half Work Day -- Have Play Day

Conrad Grayson's Birthday! (woo hoo) Just an aside. (smile)

The last day of September! Where did the month go? Where the hell did SUMMER go??? (sigh)

Marilyn and I were UP EARLY and off to the office. Today was nominating and Marilyn was EXTREMELY BUSY with no one to assist her! Crazy. She has so much work it's ridiculous!!!

I did what I could in very SMALL ways, though. And everybody came in for the interviews and discussion.

Steven made breakfast: waffles, sausages and fresh fruit (nice).

I sat at the front desk as the Greeter (I've done it many times over the years). Peter M. came in at 9:30 and Carla at 10:00.

Discussion was supposed to go until noon but ran much longer.

Marilyn continued to work until around 2:45 p.m.

My hips HURT LIKE HELL today, which is not unusual. It takes a few days (to a week) for the shots to really kick in. In the meantime they can hurt worse than previously.

I decided to tackle the MailChimp problem I've been dealing with and somehow (!!!) managed to discover where to make the change ALL BY MYSELF!!! (woo hoo) I was so delighted! So now I don't need help from David at Fish. I've got it fixed and tested it and it's working GREAT!!! So we're good to go. Honestly, sometimes I amaze myself. Partly that I'm a 'dog with a bone' until I reason this stuff out. I would have been fine with having someone else do the entire thing, if it had come to that. But I was totally able to do it, as it turned out. So...

I was a 'boo boo kitty' at one point today, wrapping my leather jacket over my chilled hips and legs. Hahaha. What a goon! But once I got wrapped up in the work that went by the wayside.

We got Dairy Queen on the way home to eat (chili dogs). We got an ice cream cake, too. Hahaha. Celebrating our Revenge bday, of course. So like us. We often celebrate character bdays at our house!

I got a new App game and tried it today. It seems very simple but it's deceptive! Fun, anyway. Hahaha. I think it's probably very hard to get good at.

My allergies were making me NUTS today. That 'yellow junk' that comes out of the trees in autumn was EVERYWHERE and I was sneezing and my ears and throat were itching and I was just ugh. I had to take a pill when we got home! My tongue is itching right now...

I had a good nap to make up for not sleeping well last night, right after watching The Wild, Wild West on METV. I was back up in time for the end of Svengoolie and to see Batman, though. And a good ep of Star Trek, too. Then we ate ice cream cake. And I made some popcorn to continue our 'celebration.'

Time to head to bed. More to do tomorrow!!! It's certainly a busy time right now. Sweet dreams, friends.
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