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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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I Get My Bursal Injection 
I was home today. The pain from my hip has really been bothering me for several weeks now -- and especially this week.

Donn came in to the office this morning (promptly at 8:00, as I had requested!!!) and took care of Carol's computer -- her Word had issues. He had to totally reinstall her entire Microsoft Office Suite.

He discussed her getting a new computer. I think that needs to happen, too. I talked it over with Marilyn. We'd do this in the new fiscal year (after November 1).

I talked to sister Sue early in the day to make sure she took her pills.

And I set up my own pills for the next several days.

My blood sugar was HIGH again today -- due to the pain. It's been high for weeks.

The walking yesterday and climbing the stairs did make me worse today, but that's okay. I knew I was getting my treatment. I had a 5:30 appointment.

Marilyn had a very busy day. She also has to work tomorrow. I want to go with her at least to keep her company. Hopefully it will only be half a day...

My damn fingernails are shredding right now. I had to clip a couple way back today. So I guess we'll go get manicures this weekend.

Marilyn was stuck in traffic coming home, so we were slightly late. But after being taken back we waited until six before seeing Leslie.

I discussed a couple of prescriptions that I needed refilled. And she's going to give me a second insulin to help bring my blood sugar under control.

Today's appointment was DAY AND NIGHT from the last time I was there, by the way! She complimented my legs and said how good they were (!!!). And my arms, too. I mentioned my stomach and she said (dismissively) 'that's the diabetes' like it wasn't my fault... Interesting.

She mentioned her OWN hip flareup (!!!) and how she was even using a patch to control the constant pain. Fascinating.

I'm fitful tonight, which is common after these injections. And it's still painful. It usually takes a few days to see improvement. I'm just glad to have finally gotten the shots!

Time to try and go to bed, if I can sleep. Hahaha.

Sweet dreams, friends.
September 30, 2017 (Saturday) 02:26 pm (UTC)
Hope you were able to get some sleep!
September 30, 2017 (Saturday) 04:26 pm (UTC)
So glad you got your hip injection yesterday and that Leslie was more civilized!!!