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Portland Business Alliance - 2017 A Place With No Ceiling

I went to the festival office today with Marilyn. Today was the 2017 A Place With No Ceiling event at the Oregon Historical Society (who also hosted the same event last year).

It would have been inconvenient for Marilyn to try and get home to pick me up, so it made sense to go in with her. Just as well! I ended up having a lot to do!

I'm sure I mentioned Marilyn winning this award last year -- it was very special, and very much deserved. She's not only an example of a successful woman in her field, but she's been an amazing mentor to so many other women.

As soon as we got to the office, I took Jessica to Starbucks to welcome her back. I'm SO DELIGHTED she's back in the office and on the Team. Marilyn is blown away by her efforts and certainly needs help with all the work...

Jeff was having ISSUES with his Outlook -- so I addressed those first thing. Hopefully that's resolved (I guess we'll see). So it was certainly helpful for me to be at the office!

Then Jessica was having issues with her Outlook (do you sense a theme here?). I wasn't sure what it was, but I tried doing a 'Repair' on her Outlook profile and happily that seems to have helped.

I had promised Wanda one of our 'Princess Power' posters, so I found that and gave it to her (and gave one to Jessica, too). I also found the Packy the elephant stickers from 2012 that I'd told Wanda I would look for, so I passed out several of those. And I had some of our postcards of the year we moved into the building I gave Wanda. And one of our Team pins with the crown on it. (smile)

Later today Wanda's mom dropped by and Wanda introduced her to me. A lovely woman! Molly was so kind and said such nice things about all of us. I told her how much we love Wanda and she told me how good it was for Wanda to be working at our office. And how much Wanda loves being at the festival. It was a special moment in my day meeting her!

I decided to tackle my on-going task at the website regarding our eNewsletter. We've gone from CoolerEmail as our service to MailChimp -- so we needed to change our signup box on the website Home page to reflect this.

It's been a HUGE process, so far! Hahaha. First, I needed additional ACCESS (!!!) in order to 'touch' the footer.php file where this is located. I was VERY HAPPY about getting the access, which I've wanted for years now. Then I needed to update my 'Access Exceptions' for FTPing via our domain host, Atmosera. I also needed to find out about Turning off the Server Cache (according to David at FISH) -- though I'm not sure this was actually necessary. David had mentioned that I would probably need to 'tweak' the style sheet, too.

Today I just took the footer.php and found the piece I believed needed changing. I then got the embed info from the MailChimp site. Finally I copied the info from there into my original document (after saving the original -- just in case!). After that, all I had to do was FTP the footer.php back to the website and start testing the form on the Home page.

I did that and it seems to be working fine. There's one minor issue -- after you sign up, it sends you back to our website, but it goes to the Half Marathon page, rather than the Home page. This is because when we originally signed up for MailChimp we were using it for the Half Marathon (and we linked that page).

I'm not sure how to work around this for one of our Lists -- or if that's even possible. It's not a huge issue, as it is going to our website, even if I'd prefer to have it go to the Home page. I wrote to David to see if he can help me with this... I guess I'll see what he says. (He knows MailChimp much better than I do.)

That was a HUGE load off my plate, anyway!

I shared some chocolates around the office -- and got to give some to Jody, too, who had dropped by. It was nice seeing her. She's in her third year at Seminary. She'd love to see us get our Writing Circle back up and running again...

Marilyn and I had to leave by 20 past 3:00. She was supposed to be at rehearsal at 3:30. Her role this year was to give the speech introducing the winner for this year (of the award she won last year, in other words). We went outside and a police car was blocking our car! Even after talking to the policeman I can't tell you what he was doing there...

We had already had a TON of construction workers in front of the building all day long -- and the noise!!! I went out on the roof (the door is right beside my work station) at one point and a guy below said, "Don't jump! Don't jump!" Hahaha. They had equipment everywhere and were totally blocking our parking lot for hours...

Anyway, Marilyn and I left and got to parking and finally figured out how to get to the venue (we had to walk up the very steep parking ramp!!!). It was a super-HOT day (uncomfortable so), and the event was mostly outside. She rehearsed then we had time before the event started, so we walked around the corner to Higgins for a drink. Bad Bloody Marys, I'm afraid! We contacted Jeff and Carol to join us there.

Carol was having an issue with her Word and had lost an important document! I told her I'd help her when we got back to the office. So she and Jeff walked over and we sat and had drinks and talked work (surprise).

Then we went to the event and Marilyn did a wonderful job (of course). It was a very good event.

We drove Carol back with us (Jeff walked back).

I tried to fix Carol's issue, but I couldn't. Something MAJOR is wrong with her Word! But happily she could open her document on Steven's computer and was working away there when we left to come home.

I called Donn and left him a message about coming in EARLY tomorrow to fix this (uninstall and reinstall the Word software -- and make sure it's working). He agreed to be there by 8:00 (hard for him!).

I'm not actually going in tomorrow. I'm in such pain it's hard for me being in the office -- especially with all the going up and down stairs that I do. Hopefully by NEXT WEEK I'll be much better!!!

My appointment to get my bursal injections is for 5:30 tomorrow. Oh! They called for me and I answered my cell saying (as I always do), "This is Charlie." The woman sounded confused and asked for me by my legal name. I just laughed and said, "Yes, that's me. I don't use my legal name." She STILL sounded confused (really???), but as she starts her routine, I say, "Yes, I'll be at my 5:30 appointment tomorrow."

You know, I've told them dozens of times (not kidding) that I don't go by my legal name. I understand why that name is on my account, but is it really that hard to add the name I actually use somewhere? But when they're reminded, they always 'see' that it is there. But it requires them to look for it, and clearly they don't. I can't believe I'm THE ONLY PATIENT IN THE ENTIRE CLINIC WHO USES A DIFFERENT NAME than their legal first name. (We had a friend who ALWAYS used the name Bob, even though his legal first name was George. And what about all the other people with nicknames?) Look, I'm known by Charlie everywhere. My legal ID uses my initials (no name at all). It's honestly hard for me to remember to answer to my legal name, seeing as I don't use it (and haven't for decades). Everybody else use Charlie.

Well, so much for that rant. Hahaha. I get it. And it's a small thing, I guess. But I think it's a sign of deeper problems... (And I am on the Advisory Board for our clinic, by the way. And I've mentioned this to them, for the record. So what more can I do?)

Well, it's past 1:00 and I need to do the garbage and recycling, so off I go (as Frasier would say!).

Busy day!!! I was proud of Marilyn (as I always am!).

I hope the weather is nice where you are! And sweet dreams, all.
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