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TV: Stranger Things -- My Basically Non-Ambulatory Day

First off, Marilyn and I have been watching the TV series Stranger Things," which was created, written, directed and co-executive produced by the Duffer Brothers (and also co-executive-produced by Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen). It features children as the 'heroes' of the series, so it was appealing from the get-go!!! We watched it until LATE last night and again tonight...

We had my promised pot of chili for dinner -- a very Autumn meal!

And Marilyn was home by around 7:00 p.m., which seemed pretty early to me! Hahaha. She has to 'work late' (as she told me) tomorrow night, so one can only imagine how late that will be...

As for me today, I tried to do some thing in the kitchen. But here's the deal: I can't stand in one place for very long. It just hurts too bad. I was cleaning up and organizing our Pantry Unit that we bought. But I had to give up part way through. Nor could I do my usual pacing back and forth that I normally do during phone calls to get steps. I had to sit or sprawl around today. It's maddening to me! (In spite of what Leslie Cody my Primary Caregiver thinks, I'm normally very active. I hate lying around!!!)

My blood sugar was higher than normal, but not over 200 as it has been a lot lately. While doing my insulin I ended up with three syringes with bent needles (!!!). That's a big deal, because I'm only given enough to inject once a day for a month. So I'll come up short.

I phoned Byram Healthcare and they helped me out. And I'll mention it to Leslie when I see her on Friday. I can't wait for those injections!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also talked with Steve W. from the Clown Corps. He suggested I do a website for some friends who just bought a local venue that is rented out for various events. It was the site of the ball we recently attended, for example. I think this is nice of him. I told him to feel free to have them contact me, anyway. Not sure if it will go anywhere...

I also talked to sister Sue today for a bit.

And I texted for a few minutes with my friend Mark around midnight. (smile)

As I mentioned in my other blog entry, I spent quite a bit of time doing that tutorial and chatting online with Apple...

So even though I wasn't up and about much, I was awake and busy and pretty 'active' in a way. (grin) Never a dull moment in my day...

Of course I spent time on my email, too.

SAD NEWS!!! Our dear Wanda (our new receptionist who is already a special friend) was STRUCK by a car while riding her bike today!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm horrified! She and I were just talking about how wonderful we both think bike riding is. And now she's been hurt! She had to be sent home today...

Well, I'm forgetting something. But it will keep, I'm sure.

Sweet and happy dreams, everybody.

Oh! I can't wait to see more of the Gorge. Photos and video are starting to be available...
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