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Sunday and Monday - Starbucks and Shopping - Sue's Bloodwork

Sunday, September 24:
This was a very quiet day, really.

We did go get Starbucks. And we did some shopping, too.

We spent most of the day watching "Star Trek: The Next Generation" on TV -- they were have a Star Trek weekend. We always liked that show.

Monday, September 23:
Marilyn started the day by going over to sister Sue's house to pick her up to go get her bloodwork done. Before that, though, she checked Sue's pills to see that she took them for last week. And she took some supplies from our house over to help her set things up (I helped gather some things) -- not sure how that worked out.

We're still trying to come up with a system for Sue, anyway... And ways to track that she DOES know which day of the week it is, and to check off taking her pills and mark down her weight. It's currently a work in progress...

Marilyn drove Sue over and they picked me up and we all went to Emanuel Hospital for her labs. That went quickly, anyway.

Then we went to the Starbucks over on Hayden Island (where Sue lives) and stopped to have Starbucks there. Nicole (Sue's granddaughter) was there (it's the store where she works). We enjoyed sitting and chatting and showing Sue the photos from the night we went to dinner.

Then we dropped her off and we headed to get gas. And we did some shopping and took a drive down to Sauvie Island.

We stopped at The Pumpkin Patch and were going to eat there, but their cafe isn't open on Mondays (probably only on the weekends). We did go in the barn and saw the animals, though. It was really quiet there.

Then we came home and had a very quiet day. We watched a bunch of HGTV, including Tiny Luxury. The team that creates tiny homes for that show is located here in Portland, Oregon. Unfortunately, their website pretty much SUCKS, so I refuse to link it here (you can easily google it if you wish). They make BEAUTIFUL tiny houses that range right around $120,000 each (we saw one for $90,000, too). Remarkable homes, I'm telling you.

I'm still dealing with a lot of hip pain. But at least my blood sugar was a little bit better this morning (no idea WHY).

We've been having rain and it's been cool, but that's Portland for you. More normal for us to have rain than not to in Autumn and Winter...

Marilyn was able to BUY HER BOTTLEDROP BAGS right inside the store at Safeway today! She got three packages, which will hold her for some time. It's just SO WONDERFUL not to have to endure the environment of the larger BottleDrop facility, which is very unpleasant, I'm afraid. And Marilyn is really dedicated to the BottleDrop project and donating the proceeds to the festival!

Time for bed shortly (it's right around midnight now).

Sweet dreams, friends.
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