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Helping June With Facebook -- Dinner with Sue, June and Jim!

Marilyn and I did get out to have Starbucks today -- and sit in the BAKING sunshine for a bit! Honestly, my hip felt a little better today. As Marilyn said, it was probably because it wasn't as cold, which is hard on my joints...

After Starbucks, Marilyn and I wanted to go 'house hunting.' Hahaha. On HGTV's "House Hunters" last night, we'd seen a couple looking for a home in the St. Johns area -- where we were born and grew up! It's right here in North Portland where we live. Although we're now considered part of the Kenton area, we know St. Johns like the backs of our hands. (Marilyn WAS Miss St. Johns years ago!!!)

When we saw the house I KNEW it. I mean, I was pretty sure I could find it. Marilyn didn't remember it, but recalled another house right by it that you could see from the back yard. I had been saying it was on John Street, but I actually meant Charleston -- which is the street our friend Mitch lived on. It's also the street where our childhood church was, and the local library.

Anyway, we drove over there, but couldn't drive down the street! They were having a block party and had the street blocked off for cars! So we parked and walked down. Sure enough, there was the house we'd seen on TV last night! We hadn't really been sure we'd be able to find it. It's not a meaningful house to us in any way and it doesn't really stand out. So I have no clue why it stuck in my mind. But we literally drove right to it today. Hahaha.

When we got back from this drive, we went over to see June and help her with her Facebook account. This was far more difficult than it sounds!

First, she had THREE accounts (!!!) when we started the process. And we needed to discover which ONE was the 'real' (original) account. I had the information for that account -- except that the password I had written down was WRONG. June gave us the 'new' password, but that didn't work.

Marilyn was actually on June's devices -- her iPad and iPhone. Our goal? To get her Facebook account (the true account) logged in on both devices inside Safari AND inside the App (that's twice on each device, in other words). (I also got it signed in our her computer, but that's another story...)

Then we had hoped to delete her other two accounts.

The 'new' password? That belonged to her second Facebook -- and she was logged in somewhere (Marilyn would remember!) with that. We couldn't use her CELL PHONE number to help recover her Facebook, but somehow she had associated it with the second Facebook -- and NOT her original account! But I was able to use her original email to restore the original Facebook (not easy to access that email directly, I have to tell you!).

As for email, she has a Comcast account. She used to be able to access this on her computer using Outlook. Not true since Donn set her up with Windows 10. (No clue WHY, but it has not been resolved over a long period of time!) Donn SWEARS her Comcast forwards to Gmail, but June has told me several times it isn't true. I'm with June after today! I did a crazy workaround to get into the Comcast email, and thankfully it worked!

So I reset her password for the real Facebook and gave the info for that account to Marilyn. The SECOND account had been set up using her Gmail and with her cell phone number. Marilyn finally was able to get rid of it.

We have NO CLUE what email she used to set up the third account! First, you shouldn't be able to have TWO accounts at Facebook. That's against their TOS. But when she would try to log in, it would give her the message that she had the wrong password. She swears it would then tell her to create a new account. (I wasn't there, so I can't say. That shouldn't be true, but I have no way to know.)

At one point Donn couldn't get in to her REAL Gmail account -- so he created a SECOND one for her! (Really, Donn???) You have no idea how much trouble THAT caused for me until I was finally able to make sure she was good with her original Gmail and then delete the second account. Maybe while she still had it she used it for account number three. We honestly do not know! But it's her photo at the account, so it's absolutely her Facebook.

Marilyn and I are going to try and figure out how to get rid of this extra account, but it will take some work. I don't think I kept the info for that other Gmail. Obviously without an email address or cell phone, it's going to be a bitch to get into it...

Anyway! We spent more than an hour on that and felt pretty accomplished when it was all done. Marilyn did a BRILLIANT job with this task. I'm so glad she agreed to help June! I know I couldn't have done it, that's for sure...

Now June wants to learn to understand the Facebook App better. I rarely ever use it -- I tend to use it inside Safari (more like on the computer). So Marilyn will have to help her again! (grin)

After all this we had agreed we would finally go to dinner and celebrate June's 84th birthday (which was back on September 6). So Marilyn and I called Sue and went to get her, while June and Jim got ready to go. They would drive and meet us there.

We had a lovely dinner, as we always do when we get together! Our favorite waitress was there and took good care of us (and Marilyn took good care of her with a generous tip).

While at the restaurant we were telling Sue about our house hunt -- and a woman at another table spoke up. She'd just been telling her companion about seeing the show last night! It's kind of a 'big deal' for people in our part of town to see St. Johns featured on a national TV show. (grin) I told her that we'd found the house and where it was. She wants to drive past, too.

And, no, we didn't stalk the people or linger there. I did take a photo, though. Hahaha. Just so I could show people in comparison to the photo I'd taken from TV. We didn't see the owners anywhere around (including at the block party in the middle of the street).

So, taking Sue home after dinner? What a bear! The ONLY ramp to get off the highway and go to Sue's house on Hayden Island WAS CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't even know how that could be true! Tons of people LIVE THERE, after all! And there had been nothing posted anywhere to warn drivers! So we had to drive across the bridge into Washington state, drive through downtown Vancouver and BACK across the bridge. We could finally get off going that direction (!!!) to take her home. Hayden Island was FULL of cars that had been unable to get on the highway any other way to go to Vancouver! What a mess.

We dropped her off and finally managed to make it home again. Whew.

Paul Bunyan in Kenton (right near our home) is now finished with his recent paint job -- and looking great! He had needed repairs and painting badly.

All in all a busy and interesting day! Time for bed!

Sweet dreams!
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