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Still Sick -- Didn't Stay Down

First off, this was a RED LETTER day. The first time since we've lived in this house (!!!) that I turned on the furnace in September! Usually I try to wait until NOVEMBER to turn it on. But I've done it before in October when it got chilly. But SEPTEMBER??? No way.

And people say there's no global warming going on! Look around. Storms everywhere. Fires. Hot when it should be cold and cold when it should be hot. I mean, come on...

Marilyn is having a bad flareup of her IBS-d, anyway. And my hips are killing me. My blood sugar is sky high -- in the 200's (!!!) even fasting! That is so not right. But PAIN can really elevate it, and I'm in bad pain.

Today I noticed my right knee (of all things) is bothering me, too. Marilyn said her knee had been bothering her too, from favoring the other knee. Now she has pain in both knees! My right hip is worse than my left, so I'm sure that's why the right knee is also bad. In fact, I'm sitting here -- just SITTING HERE -- right now and the pain is throbbing. Awful.

We both showered and washed our hair today. Then headed to the office. Man was traffic bad, both directions!

I had a nice chat with Wanda about her bike! She loves her old bike the way I used to love my old bike. So sweet!

I had to write an email to get Calisa to back down on working on the website for now. I need to give her more training before she tackles much. She's a WONDERFUL help, but I've never trained her worth a damn -- my fault. We were so busy, I figured I'd get to it this summer. And then summer went to hell. Anyway...

My guys at Atmosera are helping me with all my stuff. Setting the Access Exceptions for using FTP (it's related to the IP address of the location you're FTPing from) and now it's about the Server Cache, which David mentioned to me.

Anyway, I was able to test it at the office, so I'm good to go both here at home and there! I gacked the current style sheet and just need to get in and mess with it a bit...

And I'm supposed to changed the form built in to the footer. We'll see how that goes! Hahaha.

Our friend Shari is in Seaside staying at the Shilo Inn (which we've always loved) and seems to be having a good time. I'm glad for her.

We stopped to shop on the way home (needed more bread), and then just got McDonald's for dinner. We hadn't had a bite to eat all day long until then.

It's chilly out and feels like deep into Autumn. Usually we get some lovely Indian Summer, which it sounds like we will next week. Summer doesn't normally disappear on us right away, anyway, here in Portland.

Can't think what else...

I guess I'll head to bed. I was lying down and napping and woke with a terrible nightmare that had me shaking! I think I got too warm. But here's my thing: I never feel all that bad about my nightmares. Hahaha. I'd rather be dreaming and be able to remember my dreams than to not have any nightmares!

I hear all the time that seniors don't dream. I think they do dream, but can't remember it. I think that because dreaming is a sign of healthy sleep -- and I can't believe all these people aren't getting any healthy sleep at all.

I get it that sister Sue never dreams, because she has sleep apnea and has for years -- and won't wear her CPAP machine. Those are two more words LiveJournal doesn't think I've spelled correctly, by the way: apnea and CPAP. I should have a running list! Hahaha.

Sweet dreams to YOU, wherever you are!
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