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Marilyn Came Home Sick -- We BOTH Stayed Down All Day

I've just been sitting at my computer trying to reason out FTP access to the festival website. It used to be SIMPLE with the old website, but is anything but since we moved to the 'new' one. It's pretty ridiculous to keep calling it 'new,' considering we migrated there in 2014. But all things being relative...

Marilyn was pretty SICK last night! I knew she had some IMPORTANT meetings today, but doubted she'd be able to go in. She also had wanted to shower and wash her hair, but was too sick to do that.

I woke around 7:30 and found Marilyn GONE. I never heard a peep out of her while she got ready to go. I guess I was dead to the world!

I texted her (knowing she was in a meeting). Then around 8:00 I phoned sister Sue to see if she was up and had taken her pills. I'm trying to help Marilyn out with this task. It's not easy to make sure Sue takes her pills each morning!

I was working on some festival work from at home, anyway.

When Marilyn finished up her three (!!!) meetings, she phoned me from the car, heading home. She had gone to work pulling her hair back, with no shower and NO MAKEUP (unheard of for her!!!). She knew she had to be there for those meetings, but planned to leave right after -- which is what she did.

She was pretty miserable, anyway. And told me she was terribly dehydrated and dizzy! She didn't dare drink anything.

Once she got home I got her started drinking Gatorade. Later we both had peanut butter toast. She gave me her Starbucks (Jessica had bought it for her).

She changed and snuggled down on the sofa. I was sitting near her in my chair. Neither one of us was feeling great. Eventually we decided to spend the day resting and totally staying down.

I did phone and set an appointment with my nurse practitioner to get my bursa injections. I go in a week from tomorrow at 5:30. I was VERY RELUCTANT to set a late day appointment, considering last time and the issues surrounding the time. But I was told the woman setting it would check and get back to me. If she doesn't, I'll phone back myself.

I didn't want to put it off any longer, considering both my hip pain (which is extreme right now), and my seasonal allergies, which are ALWAYS helped by these shots.

Anyway, I went back to bed eventually and just slept a ton. I think Marilyn was sleeping, too, but I'm not sure. I can say for sure that she did stay down, though, and rest, anyway.

Later in the day we each had a sandwich for dinner (skinny meat and thinly sliced tomato). And some coffee, too.

We decided to watch the Beatles movie "A Hard's Day Night." We hadn't seen it in years. We both enjoyed it immensely! Part way through I made us both popcorn and we snacked on that.

Well, it's garbage night, so I need to take out our recycling and composting. (It's not 'real' garbage week, so the garbage doesn't go out). Then to bed.

I'm getting a stiff neck, I'm afraid, on top of everything else. (sigh) That's the sign of a vertigo flareup for me. All these things seem tied together and they are all worse this time of year. So as much as I don't enjoy them, I do expect them. So whatever. Staying down today was actually very nice.

I feel awful for Marilyn to be so sick, though. It takes me right back to how miserable she often was back in her college days...

It's COLD here. This morning I again considered turning on the furnace! But it's supposed to be warmer tomorrow, hopefully.

Our friend Shari is going down to stay at the Shilo Inn tomorrow until Monday in Seaside. I hope she has a nice trip! If we were able, we could go down and try to see her while she's there. But right now it's pretty doubtful...

Sweet dreams, everybody!
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