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A Movie ("It") and American Ninja Warrior - the Finals

Marilyn and I stayed up all night long. Well, it's something we often like to do at least once during a vacation week. I don't think we set out to do it, but that's how it ended, anyway...

I don't think we went to bed until well past 4:00 a.m.

I had a hard time getting to sleep after that. It's often hard for me to get to sleep when it's past four. But I finally did, anyway. And then didn't get up again until nearly noon! Oh my.

Meanwhile, Marilyn got up and tended to errands. She went over to sister Sue's to deal with setting up her medicine for her. She wants to do that weekly and try to keep track of how Sue is taking her pills. She talks to her daily about it now.

Sue's weight has been up lately -- probably water weight. But she needs to get it off, of course.

I felt bad that I slept while she was doing this alone! I would have gladly gone with her. I want to help if I can...

Then we were chatting while Marilyn headed home. Trying to figure out what to do about the BottleDrop. I need to write a blog entry JUST about this subject, actually! The thing is, this service attracts many people who aren't pleasant to associate with (and are possibly not safe to associate with). I guess you could say it brings out the 'crazies' to some degree. People who spend time gathering and/or stealing empty cans and bottles in order to turn them in for the cash. Anyway, I'll go into all that in more detail later...

I looked it up and found out -- surprise!!! -- that there was an Express BottleDrop at our local Safeway!

Marilyn had been to the usual one in Delta Park twice today, but couldn't get near it. The line was wrapped around the building! (And it's NOT a line you want to be in.) But she was OUT of both tags and bags.

Anyway, she came home, I did my insulin/bloodtest, took my pills and got dressed (did my hair and makeup and put in my contacts) and then we headed up to Safeway to check it all out. You can actually buy the bags INSIDE the store (!!!). And there's a kiosk there to print out the tags! (Labels that go on the bag to identify you.) They were out of bags, but it's still a better deal than going to the big place at Delta Park (which is always disgusting, even I'm being kind).

We met a woman who had just started doing BottleDrop who was discussing it with us. She mentioned the commercials that pimp it out, which suggest it's 'clean' and 'safe' to go there -- and made it very clear she didn't think those things were true! Marilyn said we'd been doing it a year and she asked HOW we managed it. We suggested taking the bags at night when the place was closed to avoid the crowds of people. She said the smell alone bothered her (it's always bothered me, too), and we told her we got that.

Anyway, we finally took the one bag full we did have with us outside and discovered there is a drop off for bags. You use your card and scan it, the door opens and you put the tagged bag inside (up to two bags a day). Marilyn just recently transferred $100 of her BottleDrop money to our charity of choice (the festival, of course). You can either cash out the money or give it to charity. Marilyn always intended it to go to the festival, which is why she started doing this. (We used to give our cans and bottles to a neighbor before this.)

We go to Safeway often, so this is a much easier option for us! We're pleased about it... And especially about how to get more supplies for the future!

After that we headed to go see a matinee movie. We've been wanting to see "It," so we went to Regal at Lloyd Center. We enjoyed the movie and thought the casting was excellent. It was beautifully filmed and the special effects were good. There were a few things we didn't like about it, but overall we really enjoyed it.

We saw a trailer for "Justice League" coming in November -- it looks awesome!!! (grin)

Then we came home. It's been raining, but not as much as we'd been expecting.

My hips are giving me fits and my seasonal allergies are in full swing. Marilyn's IBS-d is always bad this time of year and was also flaring late this afternoon. This has bothered her since she was back in college...

It's interesting that we both have health issues in the Fall. We both really love this time of year, even so.

I took a nap, but Marilyn got me up in time for "American Ninja Warrior" -- the Finale of the season. We were both Tweeting during it (as I've done for ages now). And Joe Moravsky (#theweatherman) actually RETWEETED Marilyn's Tweet about him!!!!!!!!! How cool is that???

Again, I love this show. I don't care for most reality TV shows, because I think they display the worst behaviors that people can display. Not so here! These people are friends with each other. Not false friends who stab each other in the back. But real friends! They support one another. They might be competing against each other, but you'd never know that to see this show! They cheer for each other and wear shirts in support of each other. They train together! Many of them live together. They end up in relationships with one another. They fall in love and some marry. Their stories are moving and wonderful! I can't say enough good things about this show!

And they work HARD to train their bodies and improve themselves in order to do these runs. It's inspirational. And this is true for the WOMEN as well as the men!

Anyway, we're always sad when the series ends for the year -- and we were sad tonight. But we can't wait to see them do it all again next year!

I can hear it raining. Normally I might be unhappy about that, but not now. It's a relief to have weather that's helping with our wildfires and all the terrible smoke and bad air quality. I might have my usual allergies, but at least Marilyn is suffering from not being able to draw a decent lungful of air, and the same for all of us.

I do need to get in and get my bursa shots. (sigh) I actually HATE the idea of seeing my Nurse Practitioner, Leslie Cody. Since my last visit to her, I really don't like nor trust her -- which is hardly what one wants to say about their GP. I guess I'll need to find someone new, but dread the process. But honestly, nobody wants to be treated like that 'old and fat' person -- as if that defines me. Her suggestion that I'm 'not active' is the thing that bothered me most -- and bothered the many, many people I've discussed it with since then, too. Recently Donn added his voice to this, saying it was clear she didn't know me at all if she could describe me as inactive. He said I was one of the most active people he knew. Of course, he sees me AT WORK, and she clearly pays no attention to what I've told her about my work and being in the work place...

Sorry to get off on that again, but obviously it still bothers me. Hahaha.

Marilyn and I have been eating Cheerios with cinnamon (we do NOT add sugar to anything we fix/cook, ever), and enjoying it. But Marilyn is sensitive to milk in Autumn. Did you KNOW that milk is different during various seasons, based on what cows ingest? It's true!

Well, time for bed. I'm tired tonight. Hahaha. I'll try to get more sleep than yesterday! (grin)

I hope all of you are enjoying the weather -- whatever you're experiencing -- and are SAFE. I know there are still terrible storms out there, and I pray every day about it... Enjoy your season, whatever it might be (I have Australian friends, too!). And have sweet dreams!
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