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Saturday: The Terrible SMOKE!!!

Yes. We're revisiting the SMOKE again. It's just been terrible all day today.

I wish I had photos that could do justice to the colors. The sky starts off this awful muddy yellow. The sky looks so far from normal there's no way to even express it. Today was much worse than yesterday. And because of that, our chests burn, we can barely breathe and we have sore throats. Marilyn felt terrible yesterday -- very sick. She thought she was a bit better today, but the air was worse, I'm afraid.

We stayed in most of the day. If we opened the door -- however briefly -- we could immediately tell a difference.

So we watched TV and did things on our iPads. And so on.

I was napping in the afternoon, and Marilyn got a bunch of things done, including washing and doing her hair, doing some laundry and so on. And she gathered up cans for the BottleDrop.

At one point we spent some time getting her MAC computer from Mark up and running again. It's on the coffee table in the family room. It has a HUGE monitor, by the way, like a good-sized flatscreen TV. She hadn't touched it in ages, so it had gone offline.

That also made us decide to finally change the email address for our Apple ID. This is no small thing, by the way! Marilyn was very worried we'd end up messing up access to our Apple ID -- and that would totally impact our Apple devices. Thankfully it went okay. (As far as we know, anyway.) everything attached to our ID is still working!

We've been anxious for years to get our most important accounts off the damn CenturyLink (formerly Qwest) emails. Marilyn admitted her reluctance to associate things with her Yahoo email. So we like to use our work emails for everything.

After my nap, I, too, washed and did my hair. Then we went outside.

We were going to McDonald's for fries. I had been craving them, and Marilyn offered to get them for me.

Driving there Marilyn suddenly says in a voice filled with shock and horror, "What's THAT??!!" At first I didn't know what she meant. Then I, too, saw the sun, a huge, round BLOOD-red circle in the muddy sky!!!

I didn't get a photo, and by the time we stopped it had disappeared from the sky. And that sky? Was darker and heavier and just more smoky every second. It was like smog. Really thick, but not gray, because the color was much darker!

It already seems like Autumn, because around here you get accustomed to smelling wood fires when the weather changes and gets cooler. A lot of people still heat their houses with fires. But the smell wasn't pleasant -- far from it! We were both complaining about how it irritated our eyes. And about the smell and our trouble breathing.

It's downright CREEPY. You really get an 'end-of-the-world' hit. Especially with that red sun!

We got fries and drinks. Then took a short drive and got gas for the car. Marilyn reminded me, and I got flavored sunflower seeds, too.

We stopped at Safeway to get chili (shockingly, we were out!), and ended up buying a few more things. Then we headed back home, intending to see Svengoolie as we do every Saturday night.

They recently changed the time for this show, which used to run from 10:00 to midnight, and now runs 8:00 to 10:00.

I cleaned up a little in the kitchen and put on a pot of chili and made some white beans. That's what we had for dinner.

I put up recent photos of sister Sue and Donn. And also of Kris. (At Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.)

We watched shows on METV and eventually fell asleep. I just woke to blog...

September is always a hard month for both Marilyn and me -- and always has been, since we were kids... We're both glad we didn't make the trip to London. Even though all Carla's photos at Facebook look incredible. (There was another bombing, by the way...)

We wanted to get down to Sauvie Island and pick more green tomatoes. Maybe tomorrow...

Cousin Linda's birthday is coming up soon.

At the store the checker was complaining about the smoke. She mentioned how miserable she's been, and how she can't wait for the RAIN. We all feel that way right now. And frankly it's NOT normal for Portlanders to be looking forward to rain...

I hope life is treating you all well. Stay healthy!
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