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Under the Weather -- Both of Us

With this SMOKE, both Marilyn and I are really suffering. In the middle of the night we were awake and complaining to each other about our sore throats and headaches -- and just generally feeling lousy. We knew by 4:30 a.m. that we weren't going to the office today...

Marilyn sent a text first thing and that was that. We stayed home and stayed DOWN all day long. And tried to avoid opening the door or going outside. It's bad enough inside the house without doing either.

Of course, I got my 'new' (very used and dirty) yellow bin to replace my old one today, so I did run right outside to bring it into the garage. It's DISGUSTING. When I'm feeling better I need to take it out in the back yard and scrub it down. I barely wanted to touch it. Yuck. When I think how NICE I kept our old one that was stolen it just makes me sick...

And (of course) I brought in our roll bins, too. Aside from going out to bring in the mail, that was it for going outside. They were again suggesting you go out as little as possible, especially if you have issues of any kind... Tomorrow is supposed to be bad, as well.

But we're slated to get RAIN on Sunday (it sounds like Sunday afternoon at the earliest). And the rain is supposed to run through Thursday of next week. I guess we'll see.

Right now I feel miserably allergic as I sit typing this. Itchy and scratching. My eyes have been driving me crazy from irritation. And the sore throat will probably be with us for a spell longer...

Marilyn is complaining of a 'burning' in her throat and chest, along with the pain. Poor thing!

She rarely ever stays home from work even when she is sick, so that shows how poorly she was feeling.

I still had to deal with the WEBSITE work I didn't get finished yesterday, though.

First sister Sue called and I chatted with her for a time. I was suggesting she try using her CPAP during the day, instead of at night. My idea is that maybe she could try it sitting up and awake, while watching TV to distract her. Maybe if she can get used to it then she could trick herself into wearing it, and later move to wearing it at night. Just an idea, anyway.

After we finished talking I called Jessica at the office so we could talk through the Court application and how we would post it at the website. We have an event where we'll be pimping it out on Sunday, so we'll see how it goes for the girls trying to use it.

I looked up the URLs for Adobe Reader (free) at both iTunes and Google Play (the Apps, in other words) and added those to the website. That makes three links, with the desktop (computer)/laptop link already there. I hope that helps people, anyway!

We watched a bunch of "Monk" today, and played on our iPads. I posted a couple of things to Facebook.

I also read more in my book, "Forever Amber." What an entertaining read it's been! I'm finally getting close to finishing it. I'll be sad when I'm done...

Marilyn is sitting playing good old Zuma on the desktop computer next to me in our office as I type this up. I just finished my website stuff on the same computer. This is a perfect room to work in.

And no matter how handy our iPads (and iPhones) might be, it's still easier to use my desktop computer (a PC) to do my actual work. That's just a fact. I can't see ever totally going to an iPad, simply because of the LIMITATIONS of the device!

I don't tend to talk about that much, but seriously, just the way it handles text is so ridiculous and annoying! There are so many things like that where you want to tear your hair and ask 'What were you thinking?' of Apple. The level of arrogance and stubborn behavior is beyond the pale.

If I'm entering my usual zillion tags to an entry, I'd better not stop midway using my iPad! Because I'll be screwed if that happens! There's NO WAY to go to the end of the line!!! Why the hell is that? Microsoft wins when it comes to how it handles text by a long shot. Apple isn't even in the ballpark! I keep thinking Apple will change -- admit it has a big FAIL with using text. But not those arrogant bastards. Oh hell no! We'll be straining to select one letter in the middle of a word forever with no success! We'll be stupidly backspacing over every typed word for ages, trying not to erase words we actually want to keep. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING??? Who could possibly think that's a good idea???

What a lot of WASTED TIME trying to manage text on all Apple devices!

I could NEVER support using nothing but Apple iPads in the workplace! We deal with TEXT all day long! We need to be able to do so efficiently, for crying out loud! I need to be able to take out ONE LETTER, or move quickly from one word to the next or to the end of a sentence or to the beginning. You can't beat how Microsoft handles that, and that's simply the truth.

By the way, I can manage text speed with a stylus pretty well after loads of practice. But it's not going to compare to the speed of actually typing something on a standard keyboard!!!

Well, enough ranting. But you get my point.

Marilyn was doing my 'bland food' thing tonight, eating a bowl of cottage cheese with saltine crackers. Last night's spicy Chinese chicken really bothered her. I get that, because I've been doing bland a lot lately...

I think I'll get something to drink. I'm back to forcing myself to hydrate again...

Sweet dreams, all!
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