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IMPORTANT: How to Compress a Large PDF 
September 14, 2017 (Thursday) 05:33 pm [2017, compress-pdf, pdf-compression-online, recommendation, september-2017, smallpdf]
Every now and then I'll be given a VERY LARGE PDF that is too big to upload to our festival website. It happened again today (an application that was fillable).

(Aside: LiveJournal doesn't believe I spelled 'fillable' correctly. For all I know, it doesn't think there is such a word... Seriously?)

I'm in a world of hurt when I have no access to the original PDF -- which means I can't compress on my own (or show anyone else how to compress). By the way, it's not that difficult to make PDFs that aren't huge, if you use care when Saving one.

Anyway, there's nothing I can do if our WordPress-based website refuses to upload a PDF that it deems 'too big.' I have to have a smaller file!

Thank you Smallpdf!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They have SO MANY online options available that it's crazy! And so helpful! I can't tell you how quickly I managed to compress the large PDF that I needed to change.

Yes, I'm recommending them. But I'm mainly posting this to be able to TAG this entry -- so I can remind myself to go back and use Smallpdf when I really need them!

Aside from the compression service, there are a bunch of other OPTIONS, as well.

Anyway, check 'em out -- you'll be glad you did!