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Grade School Friends? Colored My Hair...

I got up quite early as Marilyn was getting ready to dash off ans start her day. My 'job' for the day? To call and make sure sister Sue was up, and getting ready for her doctor appointment that Marilyn would be taking her to. I didn't want to phone too early, so I waited until 8:00 to call her (and got her out of her bath, I'm afraid).

I was watching (not closely) some very early morning TV, including "The Beverly Hillbillies" -- I was never a fan and still am not. But Aunt Mabel LOVED that series! I can't even give you a vague outline of the episode. But I sort of watched "My Three Sons," which had Tony Dow as a guest star. Then "Leave It To Beaver" was on (I vaguely recall Uncle Billy). And "Columbo" comes on at 9:00... (I don't think I saw any of that.) I was actually connected to work via Remote Desktop and trying to work more on my email. (sigh)

Donn and I chatted briefly (he's coming in tomorrow to work).

Marilyn and I talked as she was on her way to pick up Sue about executive and festival finances. The appointment was at 10:00, then we talked again after...

I actually started work on a new LJ community this morning, too. We'll see if that goes anywhere. It's been ages since I created a new community.

I spent some time working on my plants. I have a nice plant stand (large shelf unit) near our huge windows in the living room that has cactus and succulents on it. I cleaned off the dry pieces and watered it all, using ELEANOR'S VF-11, the plant food I've used since moving into this house. My big bottle I got more than a decade ago is finally empty. If you've never tried it then I highly recommend it. Great stuff. The plants are looking good, in spite of the fact that I haven't given them much attention for months.

I had a stomachache again today. (sigh) It's all the time recently, on and off. Not horrible, but uncomfortable.

I did eat my Cheerios, anyway, covered with cinnamon. Almost too much, if there is such a thing.

Later I fixed a can of white beans, which is easy, as I just open and heat them up. They don't even need seasoning. But, again, I had a stomachache and could barely eat any...

I talked with sister Sue, who was in a good mood.

And I finally forced myself to color my hair (which really needed it!). That's a big task...

I have some website work to tackle tomorrow when I'm at the office. Aside from my IT work, that is.

Marilyn and I -- and the cats, too -- are still SUFFERING from all the smoke. Lots of sneezing and Marilyn and I both have sore throats and are congested. Yucky. I have no idea when it will clear up...

I already deal with seasonal allergies that make me nuts. I need my shot(s) bad.

INTERESTING MOMENT TODAY: I had a comment at Facebook from and unfamiliar name to one of my recent posts. It mentioned a recent 50th grade school reunion that I knew nothing about. Suddenly I'm looking at a photo that includes the woman who was my best friend all during grade school! And several other people I knew in grade school. That unfamiliar name? The married name of a grade school friend. You know. The girls frequently went and got married and ended up with new last names. In my case, I got a new first name years back! Hahaha.

I told Marilyn that a few days ago I was thinking about Michele, my grade school friend. There was no good reason for me to do so. We grew apart freshman year in high school and I only ever saw her once after that on a bus. She was showing off her engagement ring and headed to California. Clearly my name must have come up during the reunion and I 'felt' it somehow. The gathering was at a nearby part (very close to our house). I knew almost everybody who attended...

But it's odd, really. I honestly didn't stay close to any grade school or high school friends. (Excepting our cousin Linda, dear friend Mitch and a very few others.)

Michele hasn't really used her Facebook. Her last post was in 2016. I friended her, but don't know if she'll even see it...

I was not 'popular' (until I got to college). I wasn't at all outgoing back then. I'm pretty much the polar opposite now. I'm truly blessed with a huge circle of friends and associates, literally around the world. When I go places I'm always greeted, hugged and kissed, and treated very warmly. If you had known me in grade school, you'd probably be surprised. Hahaha. Yes, I'm quite changed since back then. Nobody EVER believes I used to be shy.

Almost forgot to say! My blood sugar was 130 this morning! The best number in ages! (woo hoo)

Well, it's past 2:00, so we should head to bed.

I hope your memories are happy ones -- and that the people who 'come back' into your life are special. Friends are always worth having...
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