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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
...one page at a time
Greenies for Dinner (Again)... 
I seem to have a constant stomachache these days (on and off). Not severe, but still. Not sure if it's related to my IBS-c, or not... But it's annoying.

And my blood sugar has been high lately -- no idea WHY. Very annoying. Even the raised insulin doesn't seem to help. At least I was in the 150s this morning...

Need my bursa shots!!! Hips are giving me fits. And I'm starting to notice my seasonal allergies. (sigh)

Have I mentioned that I'm trying to be slightly more active at Facebook these days? I'm actually pretty awful about keeping up there, considering I'm always on people to be 'more active' on Social Media... Hahaha. I like to just read, for one thing. And try to Like and Comment a bit. But it does take TIME.

I've also been using Twitter a bit more, too. Mostly for Ninja Warrior stuff, but now and then for other stuff, too...

But -- as always!!! -- my main thing is still to BLOG right here at LJ. Now if I can just get to reading and commenting more here, too!!! Goal!!!!!!!!!!

Marilyn went back to WORK at the festival today. I stayed home and did some festival work remotely (as usual). I can't believe what a JOB it is just to keep up on email. (sigh)

Marilyn worked REALLY LATE (past 8:00), which is no surprise since she's been off, right? She had an extremely busy day and was really tired when she finally got home tonight.

She said she'd wanted to go see "It," but was too late getting home for that, unfortunately. We're very anxious to see the film, to tell the truth.

I cooked green tomatoes (red and zucchini, too) for a late dinner, anyway. Probably too much, really. But we do love them! Marilyn wants to have them with rice one of these times (which is how we always used to have them).

I managed to go through all three (well, two and a half) bags of green tomatoes today. I washed every single one and carefully dried them. Then separated them (some were getting quite red!) and put the green ones away in the fridge. That will help keep them green a bit longer. Otherwise they'll all go red!

And I did pick up around here (living room and kitchen) a bit today...

I spent around 90 minutes on the phone with Donn about IT. Reviewing some things and discussing some maintenance that needs to be done and just chatting. I haven't talked to him since before vaca, really.

I started some 'research' on costumes for the Auction, which will be here before we know it... (Our theme this year is Wizard of Oz, so...)

I also took a couple of old shopping lists and made a new one. We need several things. (sigh)

And put more stuff for the Goodwill out in the garage. There's a lot there, now.

I'm still reading "Forever Amber," which is an excellent read. I can't believe I've read so much and am barely half way through the novel!!!

And we watched part of "Madam Bovary" when Marilyn got home. I just linked the novel! We were watching THIS VERSION of the film (our favorite). Jennifer Jones was such a beauty...

Can't think what I'm forgetting to share about today. Oh well.

Marilyn has executive first thing tomorrow (early), then has to take sister Sue to see Dr. Markin (her lung doctor). My role is to make sure Sue is up and ready when Marilyn gets there to pick her up!!!

I want to color my hair (finally!) tomorrow.

My plan is to work in the office both Thursday and Friday. I told Donn to figure on working Thursday, and maybe Friday, too.

And that's it for now.
September 13, 2017 (Wednesday) 10:44 pm (UTC)
I had noticed more Facebook posts!
September 14, 2017 (Thursday) 08:20 am (UTC)
Yeah, well I'm always running into people (most recently at the Ball) who tell me 'I follow you at Facebook' -- then proceed to tell me how much they enjoy what I share. Suddenly I feel like I should share more. (grin)