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Movie, Green Tomatoes and American Ninja Warrior...

Marilyn and I had fried green (and red) tomatoes today. And zucchini, too. Yummy.

And we watched a very good 2016 movie on cable, Mean Dreams," a Canadian coming-of-age film. (One of Bill Paxton's final movies prior to his death.) Sophie Melisse and Josh Wiggins were both wonderful. Marilyn and I really enjoyed it!

We had been talking about going to a movie today (we really want to see "It"), but we didn't quite get around to that. But Mean Dreams was a wonderful alternative.

And we (of course!!!) watched American Ninja Warrior tonight. I really love Tweeting to the various ninjas. It's really amazing how they will Like posts and how people re-Tweet things. I've even had some ninjas answer me. I think they're such a friendly group of people!

Generally I don't Tweet that much, but I love it during ANW.

Vacation is over. Back to work!

We're still having heat here. But we're due for rain later this week. That will be a blessing for the wildfires.

It's interesting how ANNOYED many Oregonians are that the media hasn't given our wildfires the same coverage that they've been giving the hurricanes on the east coast. I don't tend to think of it as dueling disasters, personally. There are several places in the United States that are suffering, without a doubt. (And in other countries, too, for that matter.) But people here feel we're having quite an awful time. It's bad when the ash is everywhere as it is and air quality is so bad. Our friend Carla ended up in the hospital (glad that wasn't either Marilyn or me -- or sister Sue, who has a serious lung disease)...

I called about my syringes today to Byram HealthCare. I was sent some samples to tide me over. On August 25 when I saw Leslie (ugh), she raised my insulin amount. The old syringes are too small. So the following Monday I tried to order new ones. I didn't get the samples until this past week. As I told them today, TWO of the syringes broke (!!!) when I tried using them. (Yeah, I get the most inexpensive version. Not complaining, but it can be a pain sometimes.) Anyway, I was checking to be sure my next order was coming soon...

Then I had to call our garbage and recycling service to report our STOLEN yellow recycling bin that is used for glass. It was originally how we recycled all paper (like newspapers, back in the day). We've had that bin SINCE WE MOVED IN HERE more than 20 years ago! And I took very good care of it, it never sat out more than when being used. We already had a crate I kept just outside the garage stolen, and now the yellow bin. We have homeless people in RVs over at the park a few blocks away. I know I'm guessing, but these things were never stolen before this...

When I told the woman at our service, she said it was happening ALL OVER TOWN, and they can barely manage to replace all the missing bins. She also said there had been some stealing of the roll carts (!!!), as well. Some of them like to SLEEP inside these (yuck). Anyway, they'll bring us a 'new' one this week. (sigh)

I had our ADDRESS written on the outside, because we used to have two bins at one point and did have one stolen many, many years ago. I can't recall the circumstances as it was so long ago.

Yeah, we've had some things stolen before this. And we never have packages sent here because of the people who steal those. It's not all about the homeless. But there are many issues regarding homeless in neighborhoods, I'm afraid. By the way, these are NOT families. Usually it appears they're young/younger. And several living together. We frequently see them outside the RVs (or cars) doing drugs... (sigh)

I've always been so supportive of the homeless. But it's different now than it was before. Portland has attracted many homeless from out of city (and state), and nobody knows how to control things.

By the way, I don't like people in my yard. They have no business there! Read a meter, deliver my mail, come to the door and ask for a signature, etc. But don't skulk around my yard late at night! That's just wrong...

Well, off to bed.
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