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Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan 35th Anniversary

Marilyn and I went to see Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan 35th Anniversary tonight at the Regal Lloyd Center. We hadn't been to a movie in quite some time and this just immediately drew us when Marilyn found it!

I don't even know HOW MANY TIMES we saw this film back when it first aired (and in second run). I mean, we saw it over and over and over again AT THE THEATER. We loved it then and still love it now.

It had a big impact on our lives. But frankly, Class Star Trek had a big impact on us. We're huge fans.

I can't say that we've kept up with all the various incarnations of Star Trek. But Classic Trek and the original movies meant a lot to us...

Plus it was nice to get out while still on vacation and do something fun. This has been that kind of vacation (poor Marilyn).

We were very pleased that Rafa Nadal won the US Open, by the way! (woo hoo)

Finally, we got bad news today. We heard from Marcia that Don T. had passed away. He's the man that was involved with US Open tennis forever -- they even mentioned his passing on TV today at the Open...

He was also the husband of Gerri, the first woman President of the festival (and a dear, dear friend). Back in 2015, Don arranged for Marilyn and I to sit in the President's Suite at the US Open and see Serina and Venus play (and to have drinks in the suite and attend a very fancy and exclusive dinner).

Marilyn and I feel terrible for poor Gerri, who will be lost without Donn. Gerri and Don had moved, so I had a heck of a time tracking Gerri down. But I managed to do it. Shortly after leaving a message, Brad (their son) phoned me and told me Don had just died yesterday (we'd originally heard he died Friday). I was glad to make the connection -- he's going to send me more information later to pass on to festival people...

We've certainly had a lot of losses in 2017. Ron in August. And Gil and Lois back in June. And now Don. Four people in a four-month period. (sigh)

Gerri lives in Mercer Island, Washington (near family), so I imagine we won't be able to attend the memorial this time around...

Not sure what we'll do tomorrow. It's our last day off. Vacation officially ended today, but tomorrow is a Marilyn Monday. (grin)

I need my injections for my hips. I need to phone about an appointment. In light of my last appointment with Leslie, I'm not looking forward to it, frankly.

I need to call about getting our recycling bin replaced that was STOLEN from outside the house, too.

And check on my diabetes supplies. Two of the new larger sized syringes were FAULTY and can't be used (!!!). The problem is I'll run out quickly unless new supplies arrive soon. (sigh)

Final (annoying) note: I was LOGGED OUT of LiveJournal at some point today!!! What the HELL is that about??? I never log out on my home computer...

Time for bed.
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