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The Royal Rosarian Ball -- Adam Becomes Prime Minister

We did VERY LITTLE during the day, saving our energy for the evening event. And we only ate breakfast all day, too. (Aside: We've started eating Cheerios, as they're 'heart healthy' and lower cholesterol -- they're oats, of course. We eat these with stevia and cinnamon -- which helps both of us digest them, as they've always given both of us indigestion...)

The main thing we needed to do was both SHOWER and wash and do our hair. Plus get dressed in our gowns and do our makeup, of course. Hahaha.

This was actually my first-ever ball. I've never attended the Royal Rosarian Ball previous to this. Marilyn has been to a couple of others -- surprising when you consider how many years she's been with the festival and associated with the organization...

Short entry! I'm very tired and need to head to bed...

Marilyn and I had a LOVELY TIME at this event! Truly enjoyable.

We were seated at the best table in the room! Perhaps it was considered the second-best table, but I think that's a matter of opinion. Still, in a room full of tables, this was quite a happy surprise. We were RIGHT IN THE FRONT of the room. Gary and Carla were at our table, as well as Jeff (and others). Jeff sat right by Marilyn.

Leslie and the Queen were at the table directly across from ours (also right in the front of the room).

Everyone looked fabulous in their dress clothes. And of course we know so many of the people in the room. Things began at 5:00, but we didn't arrive until nearly 15 to 6:00. That was okay, as we only missed drinks and mingling -- they were just seating people when we got there.

Lengthy programming, as this is the official installation of their officers for the year.

Dinner was very good! Really lovely food.

We got drinks when we arrived. And later Gary bought us each a drink, too.

We left after dinner when the dancing was beginning. We were home by around 9:30-ish (the program was supposed to run to 10:30, but I suspect it was going to run much longer than that). Jeff left just before we did and phoned me from the car to apologize for taking off abruptly (which I didn't feel he had).

We went outside to WET STREETS!!! It had clearly RAINED while we were inside. Such a happy event in light of the wildfires.

We got home and out of our gowns. Then I made popcorn and we watched Batman (one of our favorite episodes). And Star Trek after that (another favorite episode).

Now we're off to bed. It's been a LONG AND EXHAUSTING WEEK.

I didn't mention the tennis, but you know we've been watching the US Open all along... (smile)

And that's my short (quickly typed) entry. Not very detailed, but that how it goes! More soon. I should share photos!

Worried about friends around the country. I hope everyone is SAFE!!!

Sweet dreams...
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