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Hair Cut, The Pumpkin Patch and Tennis

Marilyn and I were late waking up! So Marilyn didn't get her shower before we headed out... She dropped me at Kathy's and I got my hair cut. And caught Kathy up on things with Sue and so on. (And met Penny, her next client.) The second she put my layers back in I got totally curly all over. Hahaha. I never need a permanent.

Marilyn was parked around the corner and we went to get Starbucks and decided to take a drive. We ended up back on Sauvie Island. Marilyn had suggested getting more red tomatoes, so we wanted to go to The Pumpkin Patch were we got the green tomatoes. We had walked around the animal barn, but not really checked out the 'grocery' area where all the produce for sale was.

We also went to the gift shop, which is VERY NICE! The buyers have picked a lot of wonderful items and Marilyn and I both bought several things. (Interesting aside: We each got a small gift for Wanda, thinking about yesterday...)

We bought a tiny pie, red tomatoes, zucchini, more plums, and two small pumpkins.

We got home and I called Sue about the tennis which was starting at 1:00. June called me, looking for sister Sue's number so she could phone her. And I talked to June briefly a bit later.

The situation with the wildfires? Grim. Things are expected to get worse. The ash is everywhere. I'm sneezing all the time...

We're praying for our many friends who live that way. And the nature that's being destroyed. And the situation in Florida is AWFUL!!! Worse by the minute. (sigh)

Rafa Nadal and Anderson both won today. They will meet in the Finals on Sunday.

I bought a wonderful little 'Rosary box' at The Pumpkin Patch gift shop. I found a small red bead rosary that was broken and fixed it -- it fits inside perfectly! How nice for beside my bed...

We had taken green tomatoes to Sue yesterday. She was talking about cooking them today. I'm not sure about that, as she rarely EVER cooks, except to use the microwave or heat up soup on the stove...

Tomorrow is the Ball. It starts at 5:00 (!!!). And runs to 10:30. Are you KIDDING me???!!! Five and a half hours long? Well, Marilyn and I will probably go for the dinner and not stay. (It makes me tired just thinking about it.) At least I got my hair cut before it. (I should color, but if I don't, I don't...)

We ordered chicken from Domino's. We really like the white chicken bites with jalapenos and pineapple. And it's incredible how fast you can get a couple of orders delivered!

Yesterday I was looking back for some information in my blog. I was so wishing that I'd kept it up better in past years. Sometimes I would barely write for weeks on end... I have few regrets, but I wish I had forced myself to blog more frequently!

Well, off to bed. Tomorrow will be a big day. Sleep well and stay safe, everyone.
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