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Errands. Sister Sue.

Marilyn is a saint, all that she does for our sister. The amount of work she's put into being Sue's medical manager is astonishing. Here she is on vacation and not getting to relax or do anything for fun. I feel bad for her...

She did a lenthy write-up of Sue's health, including her various conditions, doctors, medicines and so on. Very detailed. She wants to make sure Candy and Sue both have copies. I think it will prove extremely helpful in the future. (It took around three hours.)

This morning we went out running yet more errands. Getting my insulin. Going shopping for several of our items and for sister Sue. We took some green tomatoes over to Sue, too.

Comcast was down today. Annoying! At least it's not our phone. June and Jim had no phone service while the problem existed. But it was no TV and no WiFi! Awful.

Anyway, I ran next door to take June her gifts and stayed to watch her open them. (Her birthday was yesterday.) She said she and Jim had gone to Fishwife yesterday for her bday dinner.

Then we watched a bunch of US Open tennis.

Marilyn had to chat with Wanda about work after hours... (Marilyn manages personnel.)

This evening Marilyn went to the office, then out to Donald, Oregon, for her massage therapy. While she was gone I did the garbage and recycling.

She brought home my syringes -- the new size. They already bug. I was used to the other ones...

The ash is better, I guess, but still bad. My eyes are suffering. It's still hard to breathe, but we didn't wear the masks today. I was sneezing like mad several times today. It's awful being so sensitive.

We watched the movie "Cluny Brown," which we enjoyed. We both read the book recently.

We also watched "Staying Alive" tonight. The movie bombed, but Marilyn and I always liked it.

Tomorrow morning I have a hair cut, which I really need, with Kathy (at 9:00).

It's nearly 2:00 a.m.

Sweet dreams.
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