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Golf! Tennis! Plus HOT WEATHER.

First, a quick memory moment... Today is Dorothy's birthday -- the mother of my best friend, June. Dorothy left us in 2004, but I know we'll see her again one day. She was such a sweet lady.

Dorothy and June

I always think about Dorothy (and June) on this day... Marilyn did, too.

Marilyn and I went to the Cambia Portland Open today. IT WAS ANOTHER VERY HOT DAY. We were both dressed in shorts, needless to say.

It was our first-ever golf tournament (attending as spectators, to be specific). We got great parking, due to Marilyn's volunteer involvement yesterday (she knew exactly where to go!). So we didn't have far to walk from the car.

But if you've never attended a golf tournament, it's a ton of walking around, even as a spectator. I wish I'd taken more photos, but I wasn't sure if it was okay or not (cameras were not allowed).

We were actually following the leaders for some time, totally by accident! Stacy Lewis won the tournament, and gave her purse to Houston! What a wonderful thing to do.

We came home and watched more US Open tennis (we missed most of Maria Sharapova's match -- she lost, unfortunately). We saw Venus and Petra win, though!

It was a very hot day again. And Marilyn was still suffering from yesterday, which was very hard on her. It was great to get home, that's for sure...

So we took it easy after getting home. Just watching TV. Tennis and Mod Squad and so on.

We were doing the quiz at the History Channel website for ages. Usually we'd get 8 out of 10 right. A few times we did as poorly as 6 out of 10. And sometimes we'd get them all correct! But all in all we did pretty well.

We had delivery pizza for dinner -- with some very good chicken, believe it or not! In fact, we might just order the chicken in the future, we enjoyed it so much. (And we very rarely ever eat pizza.) But this was a treat, celebrating being on vacation.

We're not planning to do anything tomorrow except take it easy. I think that's a great idea.

Well, I think that covers today.

Sleep well, friends.
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