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Sirius Radio -- The Beatles Channel Top 100

So TIRED this week! Totally spaced blogging late last night... (It's actually 6:00 a.m. On Saturday -- and not Friday... sigh...)

Marilyn, of course, had a killer day. The final day before going on vacation is always hard for her. So much to do.

Of course, as she pointed out, with so much work-related stuff and other non-vacation errands to get done next week, it's far from an actual week off for her. I find it hard not to resent events that bite into our Marilyn Mondays or the weekend, totally aside from having vacation messed up. But it is what it is.

I talked to sister Sue first thing. She was going on and on about cribbage from Thursday night, and then about the upcoming tournament. Obsessively so. She seemed happy to be heading out of town, anyway. She also went on for some time about Rafa's recent match, even though she couldn't have seen much (it started while she was at cribbage). Anyway...

Just sayin'... Both Marilyn and I are glad to have things 'back to normal' at home. Marilyn was very clear about this. The only way she can stand her stressful work life is to have a home life that is quiet and calm, where she can rest if and when she wishes. She was describing our recent situation as 'claustrophobic' -- and I agree. It was surprising how much smaller our home suddenly seemed.

I do not apologize that we're set in our ways and want things the way we want them. I could be a far better housekeeper, admittedly, but I hate outright mess. I also dislike deliberate food waste (especially based on laziness). This is a good-sized house, so there should be room for both of us to have quiet if we want it, or TV and other 'noise' when we wish. Shouting and inappropriate and unexpected comments (including expletives)? Very jarring. We sound like we're ridiculously staid. Not so. But we use homelife to balance our extremely stressful worklife. Which is why things are so good for us. We've always felt bad for people who don't have ideal lives at home, because we always have. We knew before this recent situation that it would never work for us, but this week certainly confirmed it.

I remember some people being rather critical back when Mom was still alive that we didn't either move her in, or move in with her (even though we did arrange for two live-in caregivers). We knew then we couldn't do it and function, and I've never regretted that for a moment. If anything has changed now, it would be that we're older and even more set in our ways -- and more in need of a 'break' when at home. We both agree we're not prepared to share our space with another person.

Marilyn just woke up. We're having a 'jolt' of cool air. (smile) We don't normally run the AC non-stop (read: never), but switch it on when we're too warm. She can still get more rest before heading to work, whether she sleeps more or not...

Yesterday was exciting!

Marilyn gave me enough information to set up Sirius radio on our mobile devices. Just in time for the Top 100 countdown on The Beatles Channel which will run all weekend.

No, it was not complicated. Marilyn had told me Dennis had a terrible time with it, so I had braced myself for this to be annoying -- it totally was not.

We first got Sirius radio in June of 2016 (with the new car). Once you have it you can never go back. This has especially been true since The Beatles Channel for us. We start every day with it.

I'm SO DELIGHTED I can now listen to it at home, as well. I ha it on for hours in the afternoon.

I cleaned up some things around the house, and did dishes. And rearranged things back to normal.

It was a hot day. But I went out in the back yard and walked around, trying to get some steps in. I worked up quite a sweat.

That was pretty much our Friday. Marilyn came home late. We talked and we watched Star Trek as we do every Friday night. And tennis as we always do during the US Open.

Oh! Serena Williams had her baby. (A girl.)

Missing? No green tomatoes! We love frying them during the Open -- especially to eat during night matches. We haven't been down to pick a single one...

SweeT dreams.
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