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2017 Women’s Leadership Breakfast -- Sister Sue Goes to Cribbage

This morning was amazing! Marilyn and I attended the Cambia Portland Classic: 2017 Women’s Leadership Breakfast, which this year honored Nancy Lopez. Marilyn made a point of reminding me that we were among 100 people (mostly women) who had been invited to attend this very exclusive event.

It was a lovely catered breakfast with excellent servers (great food).

Marilyn put in quite a bit of work to help arrange to have to get today officially declared Nancy Lopez Day by the mayor. (With a beautifully framed certificate.) Marilyn also spoke briefly, doing her usual excellent job. Our Queen was there (again) -- but had unfortunately been in an auto accident on her way to the event! (I was very impressed that she was still able to make it there and to do her 'job' even though she was upset. When she sat down she reached across Leslie and grabbed my hands and we sat there looking at each other and squeezing each other's hands. Such a sweet girl!)

Nancy Lopez spoke at length to the group -- it was very impressive and inspiring.

After that we got to have our pictures taken with her. And we got colored photos of her that she'd signed last night. (I was able to bring one home for Sue, too! Nice!)

THIS ARTICLE gives you some idea of today's program.

As a gift of the event, everyone got a pair of these special SUNGLASSES. We all got to pick among a variety of styles. (The price on the boxes is $129 -- so it's a pretty impressive memento!)

Marilyn brought me home to stay with sister Sue while she went in to work...

This evening Sue was picked up by friends Ross and Tammy G., who took her with them to weekly cribbage. (Tammy is so heavy that she doesn't get out of the car to come to the house -- she waits there, with the seat way back for her to get inside. I went out to say 'hello' and thank her for her kindness to Sue. Ross wasn't very friendly, but I did manage to have him step inside while Sue got up to leave. I carried her suitcase and she got her own bags of stuff.)

She had decided to stay at home (her house) tonight, as these same friends are picking her up first thing in the morning to go to a cribbage tournament at 'The Mill' (I'm not all that sure where this is, to be honest). The tournament is this entire weekend.

We've set up to get the HVAC fixed for Sue and Candy, going through our own company (we'll pay for it). Someone is coming to their house on Wednesday. We'll have to be there, of course. Fortunately this is during our vacation...

I feel awful right now! I was so dead tired tonight that after a late dinner I went in and laid down for a 'nap.' I didn't wake until around 2:30 a.m. -- it's currently 4:00.

I had to get in and clean the cat boxes and gather all the recycling and garbage (real garbage week). This was a TON MORE THAN NORMAL with Sue here. And such a mess (no details, just take my word for it).

An aside...

Sue uses a large amount of paper products. A full roll of paper towels in the bathroom in one day. Plus she used three rolls of toilet paper in the same time. (Both Candy and Larry had commented on this, but I guess I hadn't put it into perspective before now. The same for the quantity of extra garbage.) I actually understand the toilet paper, but am not sure about the paper towels. It seems like a lot to me. But I'm trying not to be critical here.

Sue has a few unusual habits, too. I just found another package of cheese that she opened up and then put back in the fridge in the open package. The rest of the cheese has totally dried out. I had caught her doing that yesterday with a different package of cheese and calmly explained that we put the open cheese into a plastic container that can be sealed up. But obviously I wasn't clear enough. Oh well.

Anyway, I finally got all the garbage and recycling out. Two extra bags this week. It really wore me out. Hahaha.

Well, I need to go back to bed. I was just waiting to feel a little better first. Ugh.

Goodnight, friends.
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