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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Sister Sue Comes to Stay 
sister sue
Many phone calls and a lot of shifting things around. Then Marilyn dashed to Hayden Island (where sister Sue lives) to pick her up. She brought her here and immediately dashed back to work. (She's in the middle of a super-busy week. I should probably be there as well, but spent the day here with Sue.)

Sue and I watched the Rafa Nadal match. Thankfully he won! We all three love tennis and enjoy watching it.

I was doing some IT research today. At one point Sue asked what I was reading, and I had to say it was a bunch of technical stuff that she didn't want to hear about.

Sue's set up to sleep on the sofa in the living room, in front of the big screen TV. Both she and Marilyn like sleeping on sofas. And I guess like sleeping in front of television. I cleared off a counter in my bathroom and put out a large tray for her things.

And we've cleared out lots of space for her things in the living room. Plus I ran the air conditioning almost all day long to keep her cool.

When Marilyn got home she and I ran over for manicures and pedicures. God, what torture! We both hate having it done. Or, to be more clear: we love the results, but not the painful process.

We got home from that around 8:00. Then watched Roger Federer play -- thankfully he won! Rafa and Roger are big favorites for all of us.

Finally it was time to go shopping. First to Safeway, then to Freddies.

I was starving and in a mad sweat when we got back home.

'Inactive me' -- only 5,251 steps today. (My personal goal is 4,000 steps a day.) Sue is incensed about the things Leslie said...

Sue seems comfy on her sofa. And Marilyn is sound asleep on her sofa. So it's time for me to head to sleep, too.

Shopping, unpacking the car and putting it all away had me in a crazy huge sweat -- and soaked to the skin. I ate peanuts in the shell for dinner when I got done. (I was tired and hungry.)

Color? I opted for the exact same color! Grape Jelly (a nice purple!) I've never done that before -- the exact color.

Marilyn and I have Cirque tomorrow night. Sue is running an errand with Candy.

Thursday morning is the breakfast. I'm looking forward to it!

Yes, still praying for Texas. The reports are heartbreaking.

The heat will relax a bit just now -- but increase again this weekend...

Keep cool, family and friends. Sweet dreams.
August 30, 2017 (Wednesday) 03:51 pm (UTC)

So Sue will be living with you? You are such wonderful sisters.❤

August 31, 2017 (Thursday) 12:23 am (UTC)
Hope you keep cool yourself!