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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Another Heat Wave... Portland Classic (Nancy Lopez!) 
charlie 2012 beige
Marilyn and I attended the RECEPTION for the Cambia Portland Classic today, held at Topgolf in Hillsboro, Oregon. A lovely event!

We had food and drinks and mingled with many people -- and got our picture taken with Nancy Lopez!

Later there were introductions and speeches (they introduced our current festival Queen) -- and then Nancy talked for some time, sharing some wonderful stories!

On the way home I told Marilyn that Nancy reminds me of HER! They've both been at their jobs for 40 years and both have wonderful stories they enjoy sharing -- and share really well. And I mean that!

We didn't stay for dinner or the golf events after that. It was such a HOT day! (Our car was telling us it was 101' on the way there!)

PLUS we were getting ready to have sister Sue stay at our house for the week...

Sue asked about it just when we were getting ready to leave. So there was no time to really even discuss it then. It's not perfect timing for us, as this is a super-busy week because of the Portland Classic and our involvement (and some other commitments, too). But we're willing to try it, if she is. There will need to be some compromising on both sides.

We're going to try and pick her up tomorrow. We'll see how it goes!

We were thrilled that Maria Sharapova won her match!!! I strongly feel she was treated unfairly and am very glad to have her back in the game! Tennis will be better for it. We naturally missed almost the whole thing, though, being at the event.

And Marilyn taped American Ninja Warrior for us to watch (and me to Tweet about!).

We need to head to bed soon...

People have been telling me to 'report' Leslie. I don't really see any point. Ageism is rampant, after all. And it's not like I have what she said on tape. I've already told Marilyn that I don't wish her ill. She, too, will be older some day (if she makes it). And she, too, will have to deal with all that means. There's no escaping it. And I assume she's already had people make incorrect assumptions about her.

But you know what? When I 'make a muscle' (show off my biceps), people are ALWAYS impressed. Inactive? You don't get those biceps by doing nothing, Leslie...

I did get in touch with Byram Healthcare about new syringes (my current ones only go to 30 units and now I need 32). We'll see how that goes.

I hope it's a little cooler soon!

Normally Marilyn and I would be on vacation this week. The Portland Classic changed that. I think Marilyn could really use the time off!!!

Sweet dreams and sleep well, folks.

(And many prayers for TEXAS.)
August 29, 2017 (Tuesday) 10:52 pm (UTC)
Hope you get some cool weather soon!