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Shopping, Starbucks, METV Saturday

Marilyn got her hair done today but Summer, her hairdresser. While she was gone, I chatted with sister Sue, and my friend June -- and shared about my experience with my nurse practitioner yesterday. I had hoped that the further I got away from it, the better I would feel, but that hasn't proved true. I'm even more angry.

The last time I was there I was asking her about going back to running. Yet she perceives me as 'inactive'? Neither Marilyn nor I can understand that. She should see the muscles and cuts in both of my legs. And look at my biceps. My stomache is fat, yes. But parts of my body are not. I'm just saying. My recent steps:
Sunday: 3,328
Monday: 6,346
Tuesday: 1,325
Wednesday: 5,140
Thursday: 6,023
Friday: 5,764
Today: 3,688
Seven day (after midnight): 28,339
And I've been fighting some bug all week. No, it's not 10,000 steps a day -- and a lot of people think it should be, if you're actually to be considered 'active.' My personal goal has been 4,000 steps a day -- and great if I get more. The math? 4,000 times seven is 28,000 (if you average it out). Oh well.

Moving on, as once I shared with Sue and June and I had better things to think about.

When Marilyn got home, we decided to go shopping, and headed to the Lloyd Center. Marilyn found a lovely new purse, a cute polka dot dress and some under garments she really needed. I got a few items, including a key chain charger for cell phones that appears to be very cool. (I keep remembering when both Marilyn and I had our phones die at the U.S. Open in NYC. It turns out I got it for a great price, too. (It looks like a furry ball key chain.)

We stopped for Starbucks, then came home. We were both REALLY TIRED after last week. Marilyn was also feeling crummy: she had a stomach ache and headache. But mainly she was so tired...

We decided to take it EASY for the rest of the day.

And that's exactly what we did.

I did clean the cat boxes. And discovered someone stole the plastic crate I keep by the garage. I use it to hold the bag of kitty litter until it goes out in the trash. The stink means I can't keep it inside the garage. If I don't cover the bag, animals tear it open (I don't know why). WHY would someone steal that? I assume it's some homeless person in the neighborhood. I hunted up a clothes basket and used that, but I suppose someone will steal that, too...

We watched the usual shows on METV -- in between napping and fooling with our iPads.

At one point we both moved the contents of our purses into the new purses. That was fun! We're both pleased with how they're working out. How things fit and the pockets and so on.

Tomorrow we have a long memorial to attend for Ron (who recently passed). It's going to be hard. Marilyn was so close to him. I remember how he used to come to my old workplace years and years ago -- and always walked over to chat with me so warmly. (It drove the other woman in my department crazy, as she had a big crush on him. Hahaha.) Marilyn might speak -- Mark wants her to (our former President Mark, that is).

Got a text from Adeena today. She was at the coast and drove by our beach house and saw the huge rose on the porch. Her friends were there to get engaged, and she was taking photos for them.

Time for bed.

I look forward to actually carrying my new purse. It's really lovely. And Marilyn's is gorgeous -- a deep red. Perfect for autumn.

I hope all of you are doing well. I hope you never need to deal with ageism in the future. Nor need to face the unpleasantness of rude/thoughtless medical providers. SWEET dreams!
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