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Good -- and Bad -- Day. (I'll Stick With the Good, Thanks!)

Slept in (thank you, Marilyn!!!). After she returned from getting her labs done (I was wrong, just blood, no urine), then she picked me up, all dressed and ready, and we went for Starbucks (woo hoo). I got to use my new 'drinkware' again, which I really love! Then we picked up sister Sue and took HER to get Starbucks, before heading to Vancouver for her brain scan (I always let Sue ride in the front and I ride in the back). When we got there, I saw a Ross shop, so while my sisters went to the appointment, I went shopping. We've got the Rosarian Ball coming up, and I needed a gown.

I also found a NEW PURSE!!! I needed one, because my beautiful purse has handles breaking off, so I can't use it anymore. (So sad.) I love the new purse so much! Meanwhile, I've been using the purse I got when we went to New York for the U.S. Open (back in 2015). It's a very nice purse, BUT (and this is a big but) it's large and HEAVY. Yeah, yeah. My purses are ALWAYS heavy, because I carry so much stuff. Hahaha. But this one is heavy before you add anything... Well, it works for now, so that's fine.

I tried on a couple of dresses that were way too small. Then thought I'd give up, BUT I saw several more dresses in my size in a different spot! So I tried on three dresses and they all were nice. I had the girl hold them and went to see if Marilyn would come over and let me try them on for her. Anyway, eventually I ended up getting the dress I would have picked (grin) -- or as Marilyn told me, I should have just bought it without her to begin with. True! Sue's brain scan didn't take that long. No, Marilyn and I do not know how long it takes to get the results, so we'll just have to wait. Marilyn and I took Sue home. Then Marilyn took me home. (I had thought I was going to work, but was okay with it. I'm still not feeling that great, even though we can't put a finger on why.)

Then Marilyn got home in time to get me to my doctor appointment by just past 6:00 (it was actually at 6:30). I had received a phone call from the clinic while Marilyn and I were heading back to Ross earlier in the day. I was asked WHY I was seeing my doctor, and I said it was my diabetic check-up, plus I had another question for her. The woman on the phone made a BIG DEAL of the fact that I would ONLY be allowed to discuss either my question OR the results of my A1C -- but NOT both. It was supposedly because I had such a late appointment. Well, you know what??? It was the woman who set my appointment in the first place who suggested that time -- not me! So I guess for the future I'll know not to set a late appointment ever again. But I was feeling pretty annoyed after that call. This was only the tip of the iceberg, as it turns out!

I'm not going to go into great detail tonight about my appointment with my doctor. (And by the way, she is NOT actually a doctor -- I have called her that for some time out of respect for her role in my health care. She is an FNP -- Family Nurse Practitioner.) Let's just say this was the first time I've been unhappy with her since I've been seeing her. Marilyn said she 'lost a lot of respect' for Leslie after today. Here's the main thing she told me today: She can guarantee that I'm going to have a HEART ATTACK within the next six years. And she told me she could run the numbers on an App she has on her phone, in case I don't believe her. She also made a point of referring to me as an 'inactive' person today. Um, how does she KNOW that? I'm not saying that I couldn't be more active, but I suspect I'm more active than many of the people I know. Again, what is she basing that on? Finally, she said I should 'remain positive' right before ending our session. Marilyn said she almost laughed out loud at that point, seeing as I'd been told nothing but negative things, in the most negative way possible...

I started to say more, but I think that's enough for tonight. We're all going to die sometime, so if I have a heart attack tomorrow and pass on, remember that my 'doctor' predicted it, will you? Hahaha. You have to keep a sense of humor about life, right?

As our dad used to say: "It's a great life if you don't weaken."

He also liked to say: "Be kind to yourself." I think I will, Dad.

Leslie might be my medical practitioner, but she doesn't begin to know me. She might think I'm old, but there are many, many others who do not. Clearly being old is anathema to her -- but there is a worse alternative! (grin) Actually, I think that should be 'evil grin,' don't you? Hahaha.

Sweet dreams! May I wish all of my family and friends to have medical experiences that IMPROVE your well-being and allow you to remain POSITIVE, no matter what.
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