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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Jury Duty is Over -- June and I Went to the Dollartree (Lloyd Center) 
friend-june, june
I bought myself a present today (smile): a Starbucks cup (officially 'drinkware'). It's copper on top and black on the bottom. THIS is it. That photo doesn't do it justice -- it's really lovely to look at! And I immediately had an iced Cascara Latte (with whole milk -- not coconut milk!). Yummy. That cup kept it COLD for hours! Also, mine was on sale for $22. (grin)

Marilyn had a very early morning meeting -- the start of her far more than a 12-hour day (YET AGAIN). That woman works SO DAMN HARD all year round. It's ridiculous how many hours she puts in during the summer!

Anyway, I rode in with her then went to our usual Starbucks near the office. Then on to the courthouse for my second day of jury duty.

Lucy joined me and we sat chatting for some time. We'd been told first thing there were THREE trials taking place that would near juries. Meanwhile we enjoyed talking.

At 10:00 they told us all three cases had settled and they released us -- our jury duty over for this time around. That was an early day!

I walked on down to the office and shortly after that Marilyn drove me home again (as she did yesterday). So nice of her!

My blood count today is SKY HIGH for whatever reason. I seem to be fighting a bug, but I just don't know. It's so annoying.

I was going to nap, but ended up chatting with June. Then we two went over to the Dollartree at the Lloyd Center and shopped for a bit. I got MANY styli there. I've bought them all over the place at varying prices, but these are genuinely the best! And when you wear one out you don't feel bad at only a dollar. Hahaha.

I had called in Henry's medication (his pills and the ointment for his eye). While we were there, I got a text these were ready. June was kind enough to take me by to get them...

Marilyn didn't get home until around 9:00 -- after going to work at 7:00! I don't know how she does it. She so strong willed.

We have ONE MORE really long day to go. And a bunch of stuff to get done this weekend, too, I'm afraid. More about that later on...

She has her labs (blood work and urine sample) in the morning, early. Then she takes sister Sue for her brain scan. Late in the day she'll take me to my doctor appointment with Leslie. I wonder what my labs will show???

I'm tired. I guess it's time for bed!

I did get the recycling done and out and the garbage out to the can in the garage, too. But I still need to do that cat boxes. But it's not 'real' garbage week, so I can do those tomorrow...

I hope Lucy keeps in touch via Facebook as she promised. I really like her!!!

Sweet dreams.
August 26, 2017 (Saturday) 10:57 pm (UTC)
Glad the jury duty wasn't too bad!