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Wednesday: JURY DUTY for Multnomah County

Today was day one of my Jury Duty Service days for Multnomah County. (You get called for two days.)

Woke up early with no problem. I didn't sleep all that soundly for several reasons (wound up, not feeling well and too warm -- I've been running a temperature). Anyway, I got right out of bed and made sure all was well for the cats, then got ready to go.

I left my external hard drive home. Partly because I didn't want to run it through the security, and partly because it's so heavy to pack around.

I was supposed to be in the Jury Room before 8:00. That's not as easy as it sounds! Partly because of the huge line at the door for going through security. I asked about removing my belt. The woman said it probable wouldn't go, but said I could get it a try. When it didn't set things off, she said I should buy a lottery ticket. Hahaha. But I got STOPPED by security and they asked to go through my purse, believe it or not. I was carrying an ornate silver ink pen that had roses all over it. They needed to be sure it wasn't a knife. Really? (smile)

Once in and I got right into the room, seeing as my paperwork was ready in advance, unlike many others. But I was still rather late and was in the front row. I sat down by a young woman and we started right in chatting and becoming friendly.

The women running the room were SO FRIENDLY and pleasant! And so helpful! I can't speak highly enough of all of them. Then a judge came in and gave us a speech. He was well-meaning, but not a good public speaker. After that we had a film that started out REALLY BAD -- and repeated the same things the judge had just said. But after it got past the beginning, it was QUITE GOOD! A lot of past jurors sharing their experiences.

We were told early on that nobody would be called for Grand Jury (which I was happy to hear).

Almost immediately we had the call for our first jury of the day. And guess what? I was the fifth person called! Hahaha.

I don't know WHAT it is that I've been called in for jury duty so many times, starting back when I was in college. I've actually lost track of how many times I've served over the years, but it's several. And I've been called to numerous trials and served as foreperson (foreman) many times, too. (I can't recall what they call it now! Hahaha.) Funny thing??? Lucy -- the girl next to me -- was also called!

We all went to the seventh floor and a room there. We stood around some time, then they finally brought us in. I was in the first row at the end. There was a board with several questions on it that give the basic background of each person. Then both attorneys asked numerous questions

The presiding judge was Judge Adrienne Nelson -- she was very impressive! I don't recall the names of the attorneys, but I thought the defense lawyer was quite impressive, as well.

Interestingly enough, I was probably asked more questions than anyone else. I had indicated that I was exciting to be serving. I actually would have liked to make it on this jury. But both Lucy and I got excused. So back to the jury room we went! (Along with others.) They then ask your last name and put you back into the pool again...

It was now around 11:00 and I invited Lucy to go to lunch as my guest. We knew we were going to be released for an hour for lunch at noon. But when it was time for the announcement, we were released for the day. So Lucy and I went to lunch anyway (we had Chinese at the Mandarin Cove). Afterwards I took her by to see the Rose Building as we were so close by.

I did invite another juror to join us (Amy -- the banana girl), but she had other plans. She was the 'banana girl' because she was wearing a shirt with tiny bananas all over it -- and one of the women running the jury room and remarked on it.

I NOW know that it's okay to bring in FOOD (lunch and/or snacks). And coffee!!! So I'll do exactly that tomorrow.

So I was eventually at the office. And Marilyn offered to take me home, knowing I was still under the weather. So that's what she did.

When I got home I got a call from sister Sue and we talked. She remarked that she'd served four times on juries -- but she'd never known anyone who had served as many times as I have! Hahaha. I not only get called, but I always seem to end up on a jury. I suspect that will happen again tomorrow, too.

We have to be back by 8:30 tomorrow morning. Marilyn has a 7:30 meeting, so I'll ride in with her and have plenty of time to go and get Starbucks on the way there.

Almost forgot to mention that I was texting with Adeena for a bit today, which was nice! I miss her.

Sue has her appointment for her brain scan on Friday. And I think Marilyn gets her labs done that day, too. And my doctor appointment is Friday evening (assuming I'm not on a trial).

I did work on the phone system issue today with a guy (Jinn Nguyen) from Inflow for half an hour late this afternoon. I have to think it through, though. I'm not 100% it's still what we're going for.

But I've wrapped my head around how it's done, so I don't think I need to phone them back again... I'm actually pretty good with the back end (server side) of the Shoretel phone system.

Well, I'm running a fever and feel too warm (as I did last night). But I'll probably head to bed soon. I've already had a nap tonight.

Lunch was yummy and I ate leftovers for dinner. Nice.

It doesn't matter so much if I get on a jury tomorrow or not, as I've been on so many in my life. But I hope Lucy gets that chance, as she'd really love to do it.

Jeff commented on me doing my 'civic duty' again today -- come to find out he's NEVER SERVED before. Hahaha. Really, Jeff? I guess I know a thing or two about this civic duty that you certainly do not!

Well, that's it for tonight, anyway.

Have you been called for jury duty? Have you actually served on a jury? I'm just curious!

Good night, friends!
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