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Marilyn: She's My Hero All the Time!

Marilyn was on the news last night (Friday night), as I mentioned. Doing what she does, and doing it well. AND looking good while she did it, too! (woo hoo)

AND she was on the news AGAIN today! We were pleasantly surprised by that!

She was a hero today. She got a call from a woman at KGW who had gotten a desperate call from a woman putting together a party for seniors and their families. An eclipse party! But the glasses the woman had gotten were bad (which seems to be happening a lot). So Marilyn agreed to supply this woman with glasses from the festival office.

We quickly pull ourselves together and dash to the office where Marilyn gives her glasses.

Then we head to sister Sue's house to take glasses to her, and to leave glasses for Larry and his family.

(Somewhere in there we went and picked up my insulin, too... And I gave glasses to the people in the pharmacy to use on Monday. They were just thrilled, I have to say!)

When we got home, I headed around the neighborhood to give our glasses to neighbors who might need them. Gosh, was that HOT to do! I came home dripping wet.

Neighbor Bruce (husband of neighbor Gladys) gave us corn and cucumbers from his garden when I saw him!

Then we got an order delivered from Red Robin. (We gave the delivery woman glasses, too. Hahaha. Everybody has just loved them!) And soon we were watching METV shows as we always do on a Saturday night.

But we turned over for the 11:00 news -- and there was Marilyn (again)!!!

I made a video out of it and put it up at Facebook to share. (grin) I've never shared a video there before (that I can recall, anyway).

We have cute pictures of our cats wearing eclipse glasses...

And here's my BIG DEAL for this week, IT-wise!!! We've been trying for years now (and I do mean years) to change the Shoretel Auto Attendant message for our office. I won't go into details, but it's been a thing for both Marilyn and me. We tried every single one of the so-called 'instructions' we had, but none of those worked. But I finally figured it out (!!!) -- and we were able to change the message so it told people we'd be selling glasses again on Monday morning.

That a small thing -- we'll change it again on Monday (obviously). But now we know HOW it can be done from HOME any time we should need to do it!!! I'm so delighted!!! I earned 'my pay' today, anyway.

I need to 'explore' the other aspects of the auto attendant, but so far, so good! Hahaha.

And I did take time to put up a News item at the website about our event on Monday -- with a photo. And with the news about glasses (again).

A successful day, all the way around! It was a rough week, but it certainly ended well!!!

Happy Eclipse to those of you who will be able to view it. I hope the rest of you will see the event via TV and/or the internet. It's exciting in any case.

I'm still trying to imagine snapping the photo of people watching it -- and still maybe seeing it for a few seconds, too! That's going to be difficult...

Sweet dreams!
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